Grounds for complaint ?

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I recently heard of a complaint made by the mother of a "Young Person" currently going through an Army Training Establisment. Apparantly, a senior responsible adult had been swearing at him. At first I couldn't believe that this was actually grounds for a complaint, but now it even has to be investigated. Frankly, I'm amazed. This is supposed to be the Army!

Mummies boy or what?


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In the 21st century it is no loner f'ucking acceptable for b.astard NCO's to swear their boll'ocks off at p'iss poor recruits. It should c'unting well be a thing of the shagging past by now.

Oh yes and wan'ky knob tits.
FFS, Back in my day (blah blah blah) we had drying room interviews that were more robust. No one complained because drying room int no2 was evre so slightly more severe.
Elf and Safety and feminisation in the workplace here I think!
It all went wrong when they started to let the little shits wear "trainers" so they didn't hurt their feet.
'Uman Rights innit?

What a scabrous little shit this mummy's darling must be!

"Mummy, the nasty sergeant called me a lady's front bottom".

I so much hope that the Talibs treat him, or is it 'it', politely and don't cause Mummy to come rushing to his side.

'Uman Rights! 'Elf & ******* Safety and above all the European Soviet Union have pretty well fucked this once great nation! Together with the grinning spiv Blair, wife repugnant wife and the odorous, incontinent, poltroon and failed oaf Brown of course.
All well and good to let "mummy" make such a complaint on your behalf, the chances of this whinger making it through basic and into a unit will hopefully be diminishing by the minute.

I can still remember my first (and last) interview behind the drill shed, gobby little tom was i, but not for long." yes corporal,thank you corporal" my left ear was ringing for a week having fallen onto his size 15 right hand.
Manners cost nothing! Whilst I was in phase one I refused to do anything the DS staff asked of me unless they said "please", and berated them if they forgot to say "thank you" once I'd completed their task.
thats nothing,i had an NCO spit on my back and call me a dirty smack addicted faggot bottom slut while he was raping me! and this was only in the cadets! what a pussy!!! he didnt use a condom either

Why are you still on this forum you bellend.
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