Groundhog day: if you see the postman, run

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Kookullin, Jun 17, 2004.

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  1. From the MoD website today:
    (part of:

    As part of the roulement from 1 Mechanised Brigade to 4 Armoured Brigade, and in line with our policy of employing the reserves as an integral component of the Armed Forces, we shall shortly begin mobilising a further tranche of approximately 750 Reservists to support operations in Iraq, with a view to deployment from mid October onwards. This is a smaller deployment than previously required for Op TELIC. We currently have some 1,400 Army Reservists carrying out a range of activities including medical support, force protection duties and providing individual reinforcements to units. We anticipate that most of these tasks will continue but the reduction in the number of individual reinforcements required and the replacement of the Reserve Field Hospital with one staffed by Regular soldiers will reduce the total Reserve requirement. These changes mean that the number of Army Reservists in theatre will drop to about 1,050 at the start of the roulement (about 13 percent of the land component) and then further reduce to about 750 over the following months.

    We aim to issue the call-out notices in two tranches on 23 July and 27 August and begin deployment in mid October. Reservist personnel will receive at least 21 days' notice. Mobilisation will be followed by a period of individual, pre-deployment and collective training, integration into receiving units, and then a short period of pre-deployment leave. The majority of those called-out can expect a deployed tour of six months and a total period of mobilisation, including post-tour leave, of about nine months, though for a few it may be longer.

    Between now and 23 July we aim to identify for selection as accurately as possible those Reservists who are believed to be fit and available for deployment. As is customary, to ensure that we successfully mobilise the required number, we will need to issue a greater number of call-out notices than the actual requirement.
  2. :lol: already been cant go again . though worrying about next may when they want a coy from our battlion to go out .
    just got my mfo box back so will mostly be eating mres under the glow of cylumes and wondering why i bothered to bring so many of them back :?:
  3. "Already been, can't go again."


    You're next on the list! :twisted:
  4. What about people who have just joined the TA?

    Transfered from the Regular Reserve?
  5. msr

    msr LE

  6. You can be called up fotr 1 yr...........yes 12 months of service in every 3 yrs. If you want to run and hide and avoid your contractual obligations then do us all a favour and feck off and stop stealing taxpayers money you thieving cnut.
  7. msr

    msr LE

  8. You're not liable (I'm sure!) if you're still going through the recruiting process; if you've transferred then I guess you're not that though, so yes looks like you might become another VICTIM.

    I have in my hand a piece of paper... that says I'm 'safe' for another 2 years. Hmmm... it's headed and everything... do you think it's worth anything? A laugh perhaps?
  9. Can't find the thread now, it was posted last year. Basically the article implies she had less training than she really had, and that the TA training was far less than the regs. With respect, I got the impression the regs hadn't had much more training for the peacekeeping either! Although some individuals had experience in other theaters.
  10. msr

    msr LE

    Heavens, I thought you were going to say that she hadn't handed her kit in after all....

  11. I don't know if this has been covered before (probably) but for many in the TA we got the impression (up to 18 months ago) that we would be called on for 'real' emergencies. Not called away from our jobs (and therefore letting our 'fulltime' mates & employers down) because the govt can't add up properly the number of soldiers they've got before committing them (and kudos to the regs here for coping with so much op time). Not that I minded then, but I'll be hacked off if I get called up again in the next year, and let my employer down again.

    The second shock is to find out that in fact the real army is as badly organised as the part timers :p ; ie wrong kit, not enough ammo, etc. I know that''s somewhat unfair on the guys trying to do the organising (moving tens of thousands of people & kit about is not easy) but still...
  12. I am still surprised at how many folks I deployed with are still part-timing, despite the cr*p! I guess we're still willing to do the job again, but too often is not on.
  13. Although it would be interesting to find out whether or not the implications were actually spelled out to you on joining - rather than the half truths and evasions that used to be disseminated.
  14. Policy in our unit is now to tell people when they join that being called up is a probability rather than a possibility. That lessens the shock when the postman brings the good news.

    Some freaks are joining because they want to be called up. :roll:

    No instances yet of cheeky youngsters lying about their age to get in. Give it time!

    His Holiness the Duke of Westminster said - over pie and chips in my "Death Star" the other day - that his aim is to ensure that his TA puppies get called up once every FIVE years, at most. But obviously that is his own preference rather than something that would bind T Blair.

    Like the ropes that bind you to the shiny steel table beneath my "laser", eh, Tony?