Grounded SF Chinooks

Discussion in 'Aviation' started by Gook, Jan 18, 2006.

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  1. What happened to those 8 "special" Chinooks the RAF bought for "special" operations (inserting UKSF, combat SAR) that were so special that they could not fly in cloud or at night I heard?

    Did they finally work it out and get them properly operational or are they just gathering dust somewhere?

    And who puts up the bods if they have got to go and search for a downed pilot in Serbia or somewhere, is it the RAF regiment?! 8O
  2. Yes the RAF regiment do the downed pilot recovery thing.
  3. have they ever actually done one for real? gen question.
  4. Nope, JPR is yet untested at DSAR and CSAR level during deployments.

    As for the rest of the JPR triangle.....sure someone on here knows. :wink:

    In regards to the original question JPR at DSAR/CSAR level shared between the RAF Regiment and Royal Marines depending on the situation etc.
  5. Apparently they are just like the blokes in this video (10MB) :D

    Video from Grouchy Media
  6. Did the RAF get their uberspecial Chinooks flying like they should though?

    I suppose the RM use Sea Kings from Ocean if they need to go after someone...

  7. For SF recovery? No idea. For anything other they use Merlins or Puma's, dependant on the situation. They are however able to operate off chinooks.sea kings as well.
  8. Not knowing the history of these "elite" troops- how come when the "party" on ex "get lost in the hills" on Mt. Kinabalu were rescued by a Huey piloted by I think a the local team with a SAS medic .

    I know it was a few years ago but the RAF did have rescue teams as far back as WWII . Even had their own boats F.F.S.

    Is this yet another untried , unknown team of elite experts largeing it up?
  9. not to spoil the party, IMHO this topic should be treated with a degree of opsec

  10. Yea but...

    In addition, the Regiment has a ground extraction unit attached to No. 28 Squadron RAF, which provides Combat Search and Rescue teams to recover isolated RAF personnel and equipment.
  11. Just go here and look at the "LINKs" link...
    Poor t*ats told to look into the camera and look natural...

    Poor young man ,a spotter first class with the pencil neck and Specks as fits a true Radar Operator 3rd class.
  12. DPA are currently in the process of sorting out the Chinook HC3 debacle which must rank on a par with the Nimrod AEW in terms of procurement cock-ups. Last I heard, we hope to get the HC3 into service within a few years. As far as I'm concerned, we should have bought US spec MH-47Gs and the DPA guys responsible should be sacked.

    It's no secret that 28 Sqn Merlin's hold the JPR/CR task. Accordingly, they've been procured with AAR probes (although we don't yet have a suitable tanker for the helos and would have to use USAF M/HC-130s) and the small Rockape/medic det included on 28 Sqns establishment. Whilst the 28 Sqn JPR capability evolves, one of the Jungly Sea King sqns is similarly tasked but the platform is not ideal for JPR and is basically a stop gap until hopefully the RN can get sufficient Merlins for the role.

  13. Found this in the wiki

    "II Squadron is a parachute-trained Field Squadron which is capable of inserting by parachute and securing forward airfields, a capability that was utilized during the Sierra Leone operation of 2000."

    Does this mean they jumped in or were delivered-by-other-means-but-we-want-to-sound-gucci?
  14. Wasnt this from the same tree of unconfirmed reports that jumped to Sierra Leone with 22 Reg? :roll:
  15. Dunno, I just saw it in the Wiki and thought I would ask.