Groundcrew trades

Discussion in 'Aviation' started by bumpkin1, Feb 8, 2007.

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  1. What is the most interesting/varied trade available to groundcrew?
    I am having difficulty getting proper opinions on the differnt jobs and I want to hear it from the horses mouth!!!
  2. Bowsermong if you want to pull the ladies. Sigs if you want to be a bonafide bumbandit.
  3. Official Squadron Uckers player ,dont consider being a bowser mong as you dont get to travel as much. Also everyday is always differant as a player and it gets you out of stagging on. :threaten:

    Did not know we had horses in the Corp now? Cant imagine their any good at uckers.

    Hope this helps.
  4. Go for MT, you get a crap CR every year but at least you will have a laugh. Plus HQ MT is seen as a manpower pool so you get pinged for some good tours, exercises, courses, jollies etc. although you do get pinged with some bad ones its rough with the smooth I'm afraid.

    If you like it comfy on exercise QMs but a little dull day to day.

    Dont go to sigs cos you turn into a bellend :meditate:
  5. If you want to know anyting about QMing, ask mdn. He was the SQMS's dogs brew biatch for his entire career.

    Just Another F*cking CO's Driver

    Copyright to Issimondias who came up with the abbreviation.
  7. Dont get to travel much as a bowser mong? B0ll0cks!!! You used to be able to go to N Ireland and pull in the Bop wearing Chanel No FSII. You could always go to some of the top nightspots and entretain the looser ladies with tales of derring do once the aircrew had bored them rigid with how much money they earned and spent on grub from aircrew rations expenses.
  8. Definitly browermong! Bit of naked farping never goes amiss!!!
  9. Is browermong a new trade within the Corp ?

    FABLONBIFCHIT if NI was the highlight of your travel experiance as a bowser mong all I can say is you've missed out .
  10. Those old bowsers at Aldergrove were mental. Brake too hard and the overwing hose would uncouple and swing forward at 790mph. Instant death for anyone unfortunate enough to be in the 'swing zone'.
  11. I think perhaps English language is a new skill on planet earth. :crash:

    Please expand on what a browermong is and which corporation you're talking about. :plotting:
  12. Please refer to Luke 12 Lizards not myself.I went to Grammer dont you know.
  13. sorry ment bowsermong, these things happen when your an illiterate groundie mong.. too much squirting avtur up my nose and drinking pints of pish! Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious
  14. No I also managed Minden, Detmold, Hildesheim, Canada and a whole host of other places but they pale into insignificance when compared to NI:)
  15. I stand corrected FABLONBIFFCHIT. You are a true bowsermong. Respect :headbang: