Ground Hog day

Just recently I have been finding myself having day after day of the same S#it, so much so I have been trying to invent ways to get away from my intray and find somthing fun to do!

Along the lines of the film " Ground Hog Day" ie waking up each day not having moved forward at all and having to do it all again etc,

What would you do to liven up your own day, knowing full well that all consequences from your actions would be null and void, as the next morning youll wake up snug in bed needing to do it all again?

I've thought about this and as a starter, I'd make friends with all the local Fukctards in my local then after getting them pissed kill the lot of them :twisted:

Any thoughts?


Kit Reviewer
salforddude said:
Wandering round with a clipboard getsyou round other bits of the works you dont normally see.
The bits with gash.

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