Ground Brief Headings

Guys, Im going out on Exercise as the Int Sgt for my Engineer Regiment. Being a new boy in the role Im not sure on how I should give a Ground Brief.

Is there any headings I should follow, and is there a set order for them.

Many thanks in advance.

Ask any of your RE officers; they should have had lots of practice. They get to give the ground brief at BG, Bde and Div O groups.
It's all in the TAM - headings and order etc.

Remember to make them face the ground you're giving them a brief on and stand behind them when you do it.

Start with the direction of North. e.g: lone tree 50m to the right of small knoll, a line directly from that through me is the direction of North.

Remember to give names, bearings and ranges to all your reference points.

And when describing the actual ground go through near, middle, far for left, centre and right of arc.

Can't remember the exact order, but as I said it's all in the TAM

Not the sort of ground brief I was on about im afraid gun-bunny. The ground briefs i will be doing will be at Regiment level O Groups.

Thanks any way.


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