Grot stash discovered in Somerset


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I started going out with a stripper in the late eightys, she was 27yrs old and she also did a bit of modelling as well so one night she brought round her 'Portfolio' as i was going through it one set of photos caught my attention, she stated it was one of her first when she was 18, I confessed that I had pulled myself raw to this when on a Norway deployment when I was serving...... Who of thought it I would end up with the object of my desire I had come over in a thunder box in the arctic wastes ........
Indeed. At least spill the beans - as it were - on who she was.


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My porn stash contained a fair bit of Stacey Owen and Janie Hamilton pics.

That's possibly the first time I've seen dip n dazzle in stereo.
went to a MQ fire years back, when we tipped up the neighbours told us it was a single lad who was allowed the pad for visits from his kids, no sign of him or the kids, so we knocked the fire in the kitchen out then went up the stairs to search, went into his bedroom { house is smoke logged} searched the floor space checked the bed, check under the bed {kids have been known to hide there in house fires} to sweep right to end of the bed I had to pull out a sexshops worth of grot out, worse still when the smoke cleared I discovered a small forest worth of tissue was among it all.
Lots of ‘a friend of a friend’ & ‘a workmate of mine’ on this thread.
Akin to the ‘asking for a friend’ chestnut.
You’d think there weren’t any deviants frequenting this forum at all.
Only if you were incredibly naive.
What was the name of the mag in the seventies that didn't bother with anything at all other than close ups (REALLY close up, practically internal) shots of gagging beavers?
The highest threat level grumble mags used to be A5 sized , if you found one of them in a hedge on the way home from school you were mentally scarred for life, or became a gynaecologist.
That is one lament of the rise of the internet - no longer lifting the mattress of your bunk on first entering your cabin to find a previous occupants forgotten grumble.
There was a rumour at one base I was posted to that one of the local wives was found to be displayed on the readers wives pages, and yes you could recognise the fact it was a quarter not by the furniture which was all covered but by the design of the room doors.

Allegedly the NAAFI girls had a copy of the mag open at the relevant page under the counter, so when said wife came in to shop they could compare visible bits to the photos. A bit of a stink in the end as hubby was in FI at the time and it was not clear whether he'd taken the photos before he left or someone else had taken them.

On another instance I was out in a sandy place on a stint servicing specialist kit that hangs off an aircraft. We had a portable workshop (big ISO container) fitted out for the servicing, and as the bit of kit had a laser on it the workshop was fitted will all kinds of interlocks and laser warning stuff. When I arrived out there there was a rep from the manufacturers working with us, and he used to spend regular periods in the workshop testing the lasers so it was verbotten for us to open the doors etc. while he was working.

After the civvy had left some big wig was coming to visit the troops and might have a wander round, so we got tasked to clean out the workshop. It turns out there is a very small gap between the roof of the workshop and the top of the wall mounted took kit, and in an effort to ensure there was no dust my oppo wrapped a duster around a long steel rule and started to run it backwards and forwards in the gap. Imagine our surprise when a couple or three rather recent contact mags flew out of the gap.....
During Op Grapple we wrote a begging letter to Paul Raymond productions. Our mess received a shitload of free grot...destroying the onboard porn economy in one fell swoop. A number of “porn barons” went under instantly, never to recover.
Anyone remember the good old days of the 'Health & Efficiency' magazine.... all 'lady bits' were airbrushed out, only titties and nips were shown. Male nudists were always photoed from behind, just hairy butts. Now 'Health & Efficiency' mag shows everthing........ soft porn indeedy. Hmmm I haven't bought a mag for years as Matron wouldn't allow it, bad for moral for old Vets.
One most trusted single friend who vows to, upon the day of your untimely demise, access your house and remove the porn stash before the parents were faced with having to bin the "2 Girls, a dog and a dildo" video whilst wiping away the tears.
I've seeded my gaff with a variety of "Easter eggs" for the express purpose of a last post-mortem laugh as my little sisters square away their newly-inherited asset.
What was the name of the mag in the seventies that didn't bother with anything at all other than close ups (REALLY close up, practically internal) shots of gagging beavers?

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