Grooverider - 4 years in Dubai prison - cannabis possession

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by frenchperson, Feb 20, 2008.

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  1. Yes. Check pocket fluff / microscopic grains on shoes

  2. No. This is just completely outrageous.

  3. Not sure.

  4. Let's have those rules here.

  1. he broke the law and was caught. tough.

  2. What about another poll option to say yes to the 4 years inside for actually having something on you, a la mr DJ, no sympathy at all, but no to a microscopic trace.
  3. Coz its da law innit!
  4. Not sure its misfortune, its not the kind of country I would want to take drugs into.

    On the bright side apparently he also had porn on him, guess they took that off him though.
  5. I actually met Raymond a few times during my degenerate youth. A nicer fella you couldn't wish to meet. Not very bright, though, by the look of things. Still, he's got a hefty bank balance to look forward to (or he should have) upon release, and cult status.
  6. You're right. I tried to add this, but it's not having it...
  7. All of a sudden frenchperson becomes Mr Lefty Liberal, now I've heard it all, especially with some of the outrageous b******s you come out with mate.
    Poor old Mr Grooverider. I understand prolonged cannabis use can increase a sense of forgetfulness......waaaaaaah. The irony of it.

    Do you think he'll be getting his 'groove ridden' in clink?
  8. 'I tried to add this'

    Ah well, im sure he will learn his lesson. tool.
    Saying that, i remember swapping porn for vodka with Iraqis before today, so it cant be all bad over that way
  9. I'd be a bit nervous about going anywhere where you can be banged up for microscopic traces of anything. How many of us have been stopped for traces of TNT going through airport security, that's cross contaminated from uniform onto the most unlikely bags or clothing?

    You could pick up a speck of cannabis having a pint in the departure lounge before you board!

    As for Grooverider - harsh, but you if you do business in these countries, you have to expect this sort of thing.
  10. Imagine this scenario. A plane from Heathrow lands in Dubai airport. A passenger steps off the plane. He has a forgotten dodgy ciggie in his back pocket and reaches in there for his passport.

    The joint is crushed slightly and slips out onto the floor. Numerous passengers including some highly-placed individuals in Dubai society test positive for microscopic grains on their shoes.

    Would they do a careful cover up or put them in the slammer for a few years?
  11. I've ALWAYS been Mr Lefty Liberal. Are you confused??!!
  12. Your naivety is amusing, 2.16 grammes is just over a gram short of a commonly sold amount in the UK (Albeit not in metric).
    Its not mass importing but its not a microscopic amount either.....
  13. Oh right. READ THE LINK is my advice, frenchie...
  14. Er, I read this???