Grooming of the sack, how do you keep yours?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by TABBER, Jun 30, 2006.

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  1. Nothing, let nature take its course, damn pretty boys

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  2. Just a trim now and then, keep it sensible

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  3. Shaven, as smooth as a babies bum

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  4. Shaven, including 'stinky bridge'

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  5. Shaven, including 'stinky bridge' and your arse

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  1. This I believe is a topic we can all gain something from....
  2. Short and smelling sweet

  3. Around the base of The Right Honourable Member for My Underpants, and just trim the Jelly Bag with scissors. :D
  4. I find all this talk of Hairy Beanbags somewhat disturbing. Have we turned into Mens Fcuking Health?? What next, which Shave Balm? Lets grow up here, stop waffling on about pubic topiary and get back to the real issues, namely Special People jokes and abusing doomandgloom.
  5. I've said it before, just one little snip from being G2 Loopy Bint! What's wrong, wait too long for your gender reassignment 'Sharon'?

  6. do you gents that shave also treat your "Babybirds" to a little splash of aftershave :?: :?: :?: :?:

    wincing at the mere thought of it.
  7. Imac and don't wash it off for a real warm sensation in the sack! (your Doris will be hopping mad for ages!)

  8. Personally I find the best way to keep it groomed is to give it the occasional battering with a well worn trainer to shake out any inhabitants and then a quick spray with Ainsley Hariots foaming oven cleaner.... Does the job well enough until SWMBO can get around to licking it sparkly again.

    Since you've mentioned Shaving and Mongs in the same post the thought occured to me ..How the feck would you go about shaving one (face not nutsack?) especially the std issue mong 20 stone of limited synaptic response with an inherent fear of sharp objects and a tendancy for dishing out a random pummeling?
  9. That is an interesting thought.....Do they shave themselves? Or does the council employ a mong razor man (or woman) to go round, ala Meals on Wheels, armed with nought more than a Mach 3 and a bottle of Hai Karate. Does it involve strapping down? I don't think they could pay me enough to do that job.
  10. Capt Cuddlefcuk returns, go and have a pokeybumwank with the rest of your cadet mates. If your you're desperate for trannies you mk1 fcukwit then I suggest you go to thailand...

    :boogie: watch cuddlefcuk dance at the prospect!
  11. Nivia cooling after shave balm is great, feels fuking awesome on a freshly graded pair. Good prelude in if your cracking your admin prior to a shag*.

    Shit, should have put Immac back sack and crack on the list, Knew a couple of lads who crack that drill
  12. not having balls myself, i voted for the one i'd prefer on a guy... thought you'd like to know :)
  13. I havent voted because it's dog toffee but...

    In a pickle jar by the bed, it cost me 354.00 euros to get them lopped off, imagine my other halfs suprise when they plopped out on his nose whilst he was having a good munch.