Groin Strain

I've been in the wars a bit recently..... first the blister from hell (much better by the way, I took the advice and deflated it :D ).Now I have done me groin in. Pain on the upper inside of my leg. Can run but with difficulty . Walking semi painful when I lift my leg although slightly better since rest for a few days. Started giving jip a week ago when I started running on the shingle on the beach for miles. And doing interval sprints in the mud. Trying to improve my 1.5 mile run time for RSC.Got it down under 9.30 but Iam trying to get it under 9mins. So being very intelligent despite the warning twinges I carried on doing the same thing that was aggravating it.

It was only when I started walking like a spastic that I went to the docs. Apparently according to her it's groin strain. Need to stop running for a few days... upper body only and then ease back in.Come back in 3 wks if I am still having trouble. No cash for expensive attractive female physio's :roll:

So any advice on stretches, exercises to improve , strengthen my groin? Because Dr doesn't seem to know much about this type of stuff.
Lots of lunging!! Seriously, after warming up sit cross legged on the floor. Hold your ankles and place your elbows on the insides of your knees. Aply downward pressure till you can feel the stretch. Hold for 10 seconds. Relax, repeat exercise, each time applying more pressure. Only stretch within a comfort zone. Stretches shouldn't hurt, if they do you are streching too much. Hope this helps.
If you strained your groin strain it means you've stretched it further than it's capable of going. With this in mind, why would you want to stretch it any further? So, sorry plant_life, I wouldn't advise stretching it if it's a recent injury. The best thing to do is to get a friend to trigger point your groin which is fairly nasty but the most effective treatment for a groin strain. PM me if you nee any more info.
So you're really recommending that this guy gets a mate to "trigger point" his crotch..?

Tolerated but not encouraged and all that!
It's a bit better now. I'm going to try running tomorrow see how it holds up. If my groin needs to be 'triggered' I thinkI'll not be a scrouge and get a physio to do it :D don't want to end up with a broken hip. Asking a m8 to trigger me groin sounds a bit dodgy anyways.
I would advise fairly strongly that you do get a physio to trigger point you if this doens't get better soon. Trigger point therapy is pretty nasty, very painful but extremely effective. When someone hit a trigger point you know about it. It's an extremely effective treatment modality but pbest carried out by a professional. My comments about a friend trigger pointing were slightly tongue in cheek, this friend might die.

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