groin strain

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by thehitman, May 26, 2009.

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  1. i have quite a niggly groin strain that i got when i was playin football .. does anyone know any good tips to help this?
    cheers lads and ladies :)
  2. Not really, best to see a physio.
  3. Had one many moons ago. The "Doctor" (and I use the term loosely) decided the best course of action was to rub Ralgex cream on to it.
    The burning sensation in my testicles was beyond belief.
    So sadly I can't help other than to say don't let any fooker convince you Ralgex liberally applied around your gonads is going to help you feel better.
  4. That stings!!! I once had deep heat sprayed in my boxers by my footie "team mates".
  5. best way is to put ice on it keep it compressed and rest it but do exercise it move ur leg round in little circles every time you sit or lay for a lengthy time but also rest it as well in other words dont go to mad a stress it any more

    hope it helps
  6. thanks mate
    its been a bit of a pain beacause its held my training back a few days .. cheers for the advice :D
  7. dont mention it mate glad to help thats what its all about helping each other
  8. tell me about it were all in the same boat :)
  9. tell me about it mate people on here glad to help but you get the few who just want to be a pain in the arrse
  10. Rest for gawds sake for first, then See a sports physio to see if they can suggest anything.

    And whoever rubbed their crotch with Ralgex....ooooowww
  11. Owww comes nowhere near as an accurate description :D
    I was a bit dubious but I foolishly trusted the Doctor
  12. I have refused to trust doctors on sports injury issues since my doc told me my finger was broke...only for my rugby club physio to (correctly) diagnose a Mallet Injury (snapped tendon in finger) and had me in physio for 6 weeks getting it corrected.

    In fact the only thing my doctor has done correctly was refer me (eventually) to the physio full of gorgeous young female student nurses :D