Groin Strain Issues

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by ipaq, Jun 13, 2009.

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  1. In a nut shell I've suffered with a groin strain issue on my right side now for 3 Years on and off. This got to the point where my right leg would give way when walking etc. I've gone through numerous courses of physio, which dont really help. My MO also referred me to the local hospital to check for a hernia and testicular cancer, with both coming back as all clear.

    I've recently gone to Headley Court and under gone hip X-Rays and an MRI scan all have come back clear, so back to square one on the diagnosis front. The doc at Headley has recently injected me with a steriod (in the groin area Nice!!!), which resulted in a marked improvement for around 2-3 weeks. I've cracked on with physio and very light jogging on the running machine but the pain has returned. Pain is central pelvis going down to right inner thigh and shooting pains up into lower stomach on right hand side.

    As of April 09 my BFPA and CFT MATT's have expired and the doc is talking about downgrading me, which is the last thing I want. Has anyone had this type of injury and overcome it? If so how......................

  2. i suffered from a slight strain that got worsre due to the doc fecking me off each time i saw him for 12months, when i finally got physio i just worked hard at it and did the exercises at home etc, however i still suffer from pain every now and again.
    have you put any beef on lately? this could be the cause of the pain or at least to some degree. I have found if i put weight on thats when it gets worse
  3. This type of injury is bound to happen if you squeeze your groin into a nutshell.
  4. I am awaiting a scan to see if I have a strain or hernia. I have been having physio for it in the mean time and it does seem to have eased off. The physio does seem to enjoy asking if it hurt when he jabs his thumb in the affected area. I can still run, though I have been told to take it easy, though I am booked into a half marathon next weekend, may have to give that a miss.

    I am lucky, I have only had mine since April, though I have gone out of date on my fitness test dates and keep getting biff chits for a month. I may know what is going on by hte end of the month.
  5. Groin strain issues? These can be signed out from the QMs now can they?
  6. i pulled my groin whilst out on exercise and ever since then i pull it so i cant put weight on my left leg but after about 5mins of slow stretching it goes and its fine again.i even pull it when i sit down which is shite.i had physio and the dr said just do stretchs
  7. Cheers for the response thus far, I'm pretty sure its some form of scar tissue thats rubbing and inflaming the entire area, hence the steriod injections, which seem to do the trick for a few weeks.

    Anyone any idea how many steriod injections you are limited too?
  8. I suffered from recurring groin strains for many years. Army doctors just kept telling me to rest it. Pain gone, back on phys, hello groin strain. Visited a RAF med centre. Civvie Dr there gave me two sessions of acupuncture - never had a groin strain since!
  9. Cheers lightening never thought of acupuncture. How painful was the treatment?