Grizzly man

Watched this last night, had no idea what it was about.

In a nutshell

Disturbed american with troubled past discovers Grizzly bears and becomes an "eco warrior" type living for 13 summers with grizzly bears

During this time he films all the time

During the winter months he becomes a travelling advocate of Grizzly protection, school lectures etc.Becomes a bit of a celebrity

The film is mainly his filming intercut with opinions of friends and experts and a vioice over from the director Werner herzog (sp)

2003 him and his girlfriend get eaten by a big grizzly an attack that was recorded on the audio of the blokes camera!!

Its about the person more than the bears, a disturbed mind, spiralling into paranoia and eventually death

The bear footage is spectacular on its own but watching the guy with his mood swings and ranting monologues to camera is "slowmotion carcrash" stuff

Definitely worth a look BIzzare

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