Discussion in 'Multinational HQ' started by mushroom, Aug 8, 2005.

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  1. I have just been on exercise with you chaps. Can anyone explain the attraction of GRITS? Not even the NHS would serve anything so appalling.
  2. Its a southern food. I prefer cream of wheat to grits personally, but its a food found in any dining facility in the US military.
  3. grits are great; with butter and some salt and pepper, or bacon and cheese.

    Kidney pie now that is appalling :D
  4. Grits are great with some honey! :D

    But then what isn't! :wink:

    Yeah kidney yuck! :evil:
  5. Roxygirl, I just want you to know that I'm in love with your avatar....
  6. Grits?
    Southern Redneck cat vomit, The wifes still got a tub from our last visit if some one wants to make an offer. (for the Grits or Mrs Baldrick) :)
  7. What exactly comprises this culinary delight?
  8. Sounds unpleasent, but as they say, I can't knock it untill I have tried it.
  9. Top tip to that is don't! But if you have to Any state north of Maryland can't cook em right at least thats according to one of ny mates from Virginia. Bob and Eddies in Fallschurch are meant to have the best going.
  10. I agree with baldrick best avoided .Even in new orleans where even hospitial food was good grits remained vile
  11. 'Grits' a descriptive noun pertaining to the texture of this corn foodstuff.
    'hominy grits' hulled and dried grains boiled... then ground into a white meal which is reboiled and often fried in a skillet with the bacon drippings.

    Very good after a long night of drinking sweet bourbon or sountern comfort especially if having smoked tobacco cigars or a pipe.

    Taken together with strong black coffie...the course texture helps clear the throat from the night before...pads the stomach from the acidic coffie. Needed together for stimulation and fortification for the long day ahead out in the fields...mills and factorys...or fishing on the lakes...river or bayous (or on the shady porch in the rocking chair awaiting the cool of the night...)

    I take them savory with a splash of Louisiana hot sauce.
  12. Grits.... i tried my best when over that side of the pond to teach the benefits of the Full English Breakfast... can't beat it, but finding black pudding was pretty hard out there....... much better than cat's vomit, i mean grits, its a proper breakfast of kings
  13. Goatman

    Goatman LE Book Reviewer

    Kate and Sidney Pie ? Staple fare the length and breadth of Her Madge's Kingdom.....puts hairs on yer,...on the inside......

    Not to be confused with the closely related naval dish known as Babies Heads......

    Grits I can cope with ... but what's succotash supposed to resemble ? :cool:

    Lee Shaver
  14. Recently returned from a stateside visit to our friends in the US Army and suffered "Shit on a Shingle" WTF was that about? Gut bombed me all day.

    I ate some superb food over there - steaks, fish etc - but SOS was a real downer.