Gripit Jock Needs Advice

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Cpt_Darling, Jul 23, 2008.

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  1. I realise there is a discount forum but its awfully quiet and I need help quick.

    I stupidly agreed to a few days in London with the other half, and in a vain attempt to make it cheaper I was wondering if you knew of touristy places in London that gave MoD discount?
  2. You pikey.
  3. Tower of London -Free.

  4. Science / natural history museum are free anyway. If you like that sort of thing.
  5. Imperial War Museum?
  6. HMS Belfast if you're feeling nautical!
  7. I tried the Cabinet War Rooms, discount for unemployed but nothing for flashing the MOD90 8O Still, it was worth the full price fee anyway.
  8. 1. Tower of London but not at the ticket office, go straight to the entrance. Free
    2. London Dungeon you must have your MoD 90 and ask, you will get student rates
    3. London Zoo. Turnstile one ask for duty manager half price
    4. Chelsea FC Stadium Tour not that I would Free or very cheap, depends on tour guide
    5. Wimbledon Lawn Tennis Museum 40% off
    6. Hampton Court Palace Free
    7. Shakespeare's Globe Theatre Tour and Exhibition Discounted
  9. I've never tried it myself but apparently they'll let you in with your MOD90 if you go to the entrance on embankment.

    It's not a tourist entrance so there'll be no que...qeu...lines. Just show you ID to the person in the box (no garuntee it'll work)
  10. Pikey, how very dare you all....

    A shrewd gent of Alba, good man... when you have earned the due of your peers, take it... or all the real fcuking pikeys will.
  11. Couple of years back got a pass ticket from Tourist info at Waterloo station, gave free entry into loads of places like London Dungeon, Madam T's, etc, also a trip on the river and a travel card for bus/tube/railway all inclusive, when i worked it out you do actually save a bloody fortune by geting it. Cost about £15 but as I say a few years ago now.
  12. London,are you insane?
    In an effort to help you with your ill advised trip,I will give you some free advice concerning the local inhabitants.

    Rule 1 Do not make eye contact,or attempt to make contact(verbally or otherwise) with anyone.Particularly on the Tube.
    Rule 2 Take your own food and water.Water in London has been drunk at least three times before it comes out of the tap.Food all tastes of plastic,and is very expensive and carp.
    Rule 3 If in Soho,avoid anywhere offering Live Sex Acts.Unless you want to pay £40 for luke warm cider,advertised as Champagne.

    I am sure others will have more advice.My concrete lorry has arrived,gotta go Good luck!