Gringo Tache

I am currently at a unit that is as far removed form 'Operations' as you could possibly get. However one of the officers here, LE Maj in the infantry,(top bloke) sports a gringo tache ala 70's porn star / one of 'Them'. Is the 'gringo tache' favoured on ops ?
It was until I was greeted by an old oppo with the classic "'ello Rickshaw, still got the porn star 'tache then?" Ohhhh, the shame......
The Mexican Bandit look is much favoured in some quarters although the Lesley Philips Ding DONG tash is also not to be sneezed at when caddishness abounds.
In 1984 "everyone" who was anyone in 7 Bty had a THEM-style moustache. We must have lucked a complete bunch of coiints! I shaved mine off three years later and people who had grown accustomed to my fizzog with would say "You look so much younger these days.."
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