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Finally found the buffer grinder sander thing I want and they don't make it any more. Can it be made up from bits or is there something similar available
What were you searching for?

Try an internet search for 'grinder', that should bring up what you want.
What were you searching for?

Try an internet search for 'grinder', that should bring up what you want.
The gadget in the picture.
They don't make it any more.
I want a standing belt a grinding wheel and a buffer in one unit.
Jarrod's right arse cheek is 240 grit and the left is 80. The hole is 1200 so perfect for polishing. His reeming tool might be ancient but it can still part the planks.a true wood worker so I'm told


Is this too early to ask if this is going the way the OP thought it would?
I've seen various companies with the sander and grinder combination, never with the wire wheel though. No idea about UK safety standards these days, but surprised it was sold with no safety guards. Could you not just weld on a spindle extension to mount the wire wheel on?
I think that has been naughtily positioned so it does look like the wire wheel is attached , when in actually use you have to take the grinding wheel off and swap to the wire wheel . Other wise there would be a guard for the wire wheel as well , never mind the fact it would be a bit dangerous having to wheels running next to each other at the same time , not to mention the extra wear on the motor etc.

The only thing i have ever used a wire wheel like that for was deburring tube roughly but other than that you can get more use my using a wire cup brush or twist brush in a angle grinder so you probably won't need it.

And if you don't need it you can easily find machine with a wheel one end and belt the other.


TBH that looks as dodgy as a Liverpool Councillor. That wire wheel on the extended spindle is just looking to start wobbling and at the typical shaft speeds of a bench grinder what happens next will not be good.

That is if you've not already caught your hand in the stone wheel while using the wire wheel or vice versa.