Grimmest scran you've been served?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Tricky1982, Jul 4, 2012.

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  1. As some of you ARRSERS are probably very well travelled, whats the grimmest or most unappetising meal you've ever had? (barring a grotty fanny) A work colleague of mine went to China a while ago and came back with a photo of some chicken foot soup he'd been served up, basically a grim looking green soup with a load of chickens feet floating around in it, not something I'd fancy myself!
  2. Kimshie, Rotten Garlic sodden Cabbage from Korea! It is vile and I love Garlic
  3. I was up in court (kangaroo) whilst on a recent rugby tour. The judge made me eat some seal penis. Apparently it is well liked in China as a healing agent.

    It was fucking rank.
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  4. What's the point of eating chicken feet? There'd be fuck all meat on them. Often wondered what dog tastes like though.
  5. I bet the fucking seal was happy though.
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  6. Kimchi is excellent & produces the most fantastic, eyewatering farts. Was not keen on a snack served in Korea which consisted of what looked like baby octopus in jelly & rolled in sugar.

    Anything cooked my the contract caterers on just about any training area/camp I visited during my TA career was a bit of a low. I was out in the field on a significant birthday for once playing at infantry & instead of compo we were to get fresh brought out from camp.

    I hoped for a good old stew & dumplings or similar but instead we were served chicken & chips which had been sitting in a norgie for several hours since the kitchen shut. Chips were cold & greasy & the chickens had just been roasted whole then chopped down the middle which as I hate meeat on the bone was a distinct disappointment.
  7. Kimchi (Sorry about the spelling) is not excellent but you are right about the farts though
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  8. It can be transliterated* many ways, so I wouldn't sweat it. However having consumed kimchi one sweats that no end. Read PJ O'Rourke's essay Seoul Brothers in Holidays in Hell (one of the single funniest collections of writing I think I have ever read) for further comment on the stuff.

    You did forget that the really powerful stuff contains large quantities of chili & ginger too. May have to stop off at the Asian supermarket on the way home.

    *There are essentially only three surnames in Korea, Kim, Park & Lee. One is not supposed to marry someone with the same surname so immediately a third of the population is out.

    Anyway, I was one day when working out there sent to meet a Mr Bak. I searched in vain until someone explained this was an alternative rendering of Park.
  9. Nothing as exotic as chicken feet, seal cock or garlic cabbage but I do remember the scoff in the Officer's Mess in AFC Harrogate was pretty shite most of the time - especially the practice of recycling food from the Cookhouse, through the Sgt's Mess to us (without even pretending it wasn't) or Sunday evening meals being cooked sometime on Sunday morning and left in serving dishes over tealights for a good few hours before the dining room was unlocked...
  10. BiscuitsAB

    BiscuitsAB LE Moderator

    That's a shame because the food in the cook house was excellent, only problem was you didn't get long to eat it.
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  11. Vegetarian tortellini al a broken glass, JBs Bielefeld.
  12. Surströmming. Like nothing you have ever considered eating ever, anywhere, in your whole fucking life.

    Evil evil scrapings from the devils anus that even he though was a bit ott to make the sinners eat.

    Fucking awful stuff.

    Surströmming - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    This quote sums up the stuff:

  13. I've scoffed dog once, a sri lankan fella served it up in a kebab type thing. Wasn't bad at all bit like beef only a bit more doggy.

    Worst for me has to be a weird goulash type dish served in a polish scoff house. It was fucking gippin. Made me heave after one mouthful and that was me. Outside into my webbing scoffing my emergency rations.

    Bastards. It took me ages to find another chicken and mushroom boil in the bag to replace it.
  14. BiscuitsAB

    BiscuitsAB LE Moderator

    I had Malay dried sweet and sour cuttlefish, tasted like Thai shrimp paste with sugar on it.
  15. Biccie's post reminded me of some dried prawns we had in the house when I was a nipper. I was really keen to try them as I was developing a taste for Indian & Chinese food & this being the late '70s onegenerally only saw prawns drowned, poor creatures, in Marie Rose sauce on a bed of lettuce.

    I was even allowed to help prepared the little blighters as the Aged Ps always encouraged me to cook. It was a grave disappointment to find that despite much soaking they were vastly oversalted & just too strongly fishy* for the YoungPlume's tastes & full of grit to boot.

    *Think essence of fat girl's pants after a week or two on a hot exercise.