Grim up north?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Neuroleptic, Sep 26, 2005.

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  1. From todays Guardian-

    Cultural stereotypes aside, what's going on here?
  2. I've been saying for a very long time that the only way to reduce serious crime in Britain's Inner Cities is to bring back capital punishment for anyone dealing, distributing, or profiting from the sale of drugs.

    And this is bollocks. What is needed is not further New Labour targetitis inflicted on the police forces, it is zero tolerance sentencing! You can police anything you want as much as you want, but the punishment is in the sentence! When will our pinko liberal judiciary wake up and smell the coffee?
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    You're always going to get skewed results in surveys regarding health/employment/crime etc as long as you have to include Strathclyde.

    If you could factor out the Weegies the figures would look much better.

    Not East coast bias but fact. Glaswegians are on average poorer, more violent, less healthy and more prone to un-employment than anywhere else in Scotland.
  5. Sixty

    Sixty LE Moderator Book Reviewer
    1. ARRSE Cyclists and Triathletes

    Touche! :-D
  6. Are the courts in Scotland more lenient than the ones in England and Wales then?
  7. I don't think any court in the world is more lenient than the courts in England and Wales! I have no doubt that there are lots of social factors which contribute to crime rates, and from what other people have said it sounds like Glasgow might have more than it's fair share of problems, but at the end of the day if you hang every bugger selling crack to kids, people will soon stop doing it.
  8. Do you want to pay for it like?
  9. Do I want to pay for what? The cost of hanging people. Pretty cheap all round.
  10. I'm so ashamed - we got beaten by Finland!
    Seriously, this comes as no surprise to anyone(apart from judges and high-ranking police officers)who lives up here.
    There is no single reason. Partly it's social/genetic: Scots, especially those on the Wild West Coast, tend to be more aggressive than our Southern cousins. The Glaswegian gangster Jimmy Boyle wrote in his autobiography, A Sense of Freedom, about the differance between the big Scottish and English "firms".
    Boyle had met the top London gangsters and said they were very hard, ruthless men. But while the English gangsters tended to use violance as a last resort - because it drew police attention and so was bad for business - the Scottish firms would hit/shoot/stab first and ask questions later.
    There is a East-West split. Crime in Glasgow is bigger and bloodier than in Edinburgh. The violance in Glasgow is conected with organised crime, so tends to be more lethal than Edinburgh, with drugs gangs settling differances of opinion with firearms. In Edinburgh, most of the violance is caused by drunken and/or drugged young
    men who often hunt in packs and attack for kicks. The violance is more random and blades are the weapon of choice.
    Sentancing is a major cause of crime. Most judges simply don't live in the real world. Victims have been maimed and crippled and then seen their attackers sentanced to 2-3 years in jail. Of which they will serve only half. And we're not exactly talking about hard labour in a Gulag, either. Scottish prisons are fcuking holiday camps. The cons have DVD players, PC's, porn and drugs on tap etc.
    Another factor is that only a small percentage of Scotland's police are on patrol at any one time. The rest are doing paperwork, giving evidance in court, attending traing courses etc.
  11. Three times more likely to get murdered than the English?...........that's because the 'sweaties' are three times more annoying and therefore three times as many people would like to top the little sh*tes.

    Long may Glasgow reign as Europe's murder capital. Let's give them some guns and allow them to ethnically cleanse themselves. Obvioulsy the cardio respiratory tactics aren't working fast enough.
  12. I think that it's rich for the government to now turn around and announce their plans - where were they when Glasgow needed them? The fact is any large town (population) that's left pretty much to grow on it's own will entail problems especially hardship, which in turn will lead to frustration by the people. A frustrated city is not something that should be ignored and their efforts to help so far serve only as an example of this. Glaswegians do tend to be more easily provocted and yes there are drug problems that need serious attention, but let's face it if the government had done their job properly to begin with actions could have been taken a long time before now. I'm not saying I support anybody who deals but drugs and drug trafficking is a vicious circle that takes stupid amounts of time and money to break, and many of people involved in these crime figures would not have had a chance to make them if the proper procedures had been in place.

    As for the rest of Scotland... we're not that bad...honest!
  13. Biscuits, if we kill each other off, who is going to show you Shandy-Drinkers how to be proper soldiers? Who's going to fight your wars, steal your sheep and rape your women - or is it the other way round?
    Anyway, you're country will soon be ruled by Prime Minister For Life Gorden"Iron Balls"Brown. And he's one of God's Chosen People. So learn some respect for your betters.
    Or I'll chib ya!
  14. I find people break their dealing habits quite quickly when you offer the alternative of chopping their hands off, or hanging on a second offence.
  15. I agree, entirely with werewolf, the crime in Scotland tends to be White Hetrosexual Able bodied Males who cause the shite in society with the undercurrent of crime carrying them along. I used to think being a police officer would be an awesome job serving the community and putting the bad guys away.
    In reality as a police officer you have to 100% focused on your own personal safety and that of your colleague, as the figures state the highest serious cime figure is stabbings. More and more scots are being stabbed by the favourite weapon of choice, the screw driver, and the area which kills more people is the arse, as people stabbed there are less likely to seek medical help and get seen too.
    How depressing is that? As for the paper work let's not go there!!
    Anyway as members of the public we can all help the police reduce these crimes, by coming forward and helping in partnerships with one & another