Grim truth about Iraq

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by whitecity, Oct 24, 2006.

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  1. The caravaning one has spoken...

    What is might about it? Many people, significant and insignificant, have already gone on record saying, in their opinion, is IS a "foreign policy disaster". If she is only speaking of historians 50 years hence, then she has a 50% chance of being right at the very best. :)

    And on the same theme, this website says US military casualties have now reached 89 this month alone - with another full week still to run.
  2. I think I`m right in saying that the current count is 90. With the heightest ever loses being 137 in Nov 2004. When will it end????
  3. Only when the idiots in Washington come to their senses and realise that this scandalous war will not be won by the barrell of a gun but rather by compromise.We have to talk to the Iraqis mano-a-mano and somehow convice them (even after all we have caused them) that Iraq is all about them and very much less about us.

    What a fecking senseless war.What a fecking senseless war!!!!!!!!
  4. At excellent article about the effects of the war.....ignore the stuff about the creator of Doonesbury. Look at his comments on his decision to maime B.D. in the comic strip and his contact with Veitnam and Iraq War Vetereans.

    Washington Post Magazine
  5. Devil Dog we are talking to the Iraqis all the time. Have you been to Iraq? Your view is very simple and I think shows a real lack of understanding when it comes to the way in which the coalition forces over there are working and what they are achieving alongside their Iraqi counterparts.
  6. Some killer pieces by Simon Jenkins and Matthew Parris:

    We have turned Iraq into the most hellish place on Earth

    I also particularly like this piece from Parris in the Times:

    On another note, did anyone catch that BBC 2 prog on the Baghdad hospital last night?

    Harrowing, sobering stuff...cant get some of those images out of my head.
  7. Talking to some dude walking down the street on his way to buy groceries so you can fulfill some propaganda need is not the same as talking to the guy with the shovel planting an IED.What I mean is talking to the militia overlords and reaching some kind of compromise.

    If anything , you are the simplistic one.What do you mean achieving in Iraq?You mean building schools ( as if schools did not exist there before we went in) or providing electricity? Well the Iraqis used to enjoy( as I'm sure you do) 24 hrs of electricity each day.Now on average in most parts of the country it's two hrs.

    Hospitals?Even with the sanctions of '91 to '03 Iraqis had a better health system than they do now.

    Don't tell me Sir that you are one of those who actually believe that life in Iraq is better now than it was before we kicked the door in and proceeded to try and impose our way of life in a country we had zero understanding of.

    Oh yeah.It's the media's fault that there is no good news coming out of Iraq.

    And yes, I've been to Iraq.Three times.

    So there.
  8. I do think that the only reason King George II is showing sum signs of "Turning' is the forthcoming elections and probable loss of control of Congress. If Impeachment does not follow then some very nasty questions will get asked.
    Oh to be a shredder salesman in Washington and Downing Street.
  9. Devil Dog

    If you see a guy with a shovel planting an IED I would hope that talking would be the last thing that you would do!

    O.K so you've been to Iraq, apologies - it's just that what you wrote before sounded a bit generalised (not much detail and alot of soundbite stuff in your first post that I reacted to my friend) and I felt the post did not appreciate the hard work that lots of our guys and girls are doing there.

    When I was in Iraq things did seem to be improving, sometimes three steps forward then one back but I certainly had a sense that given time a future could be crafted out of the mess.

    If you re read what you wrote then you will understand why I responded in the way I did. I am not in the business of pi**ing off a fellow vet, but we have to look after ourselves and I rightly or wrongly react to general opinions.

    Take it easy Devil Dog.
  10. There's only one thing glaringly obviously wrong.

    Iraq agrees on a timeline to peace , ok Roger so far , but the Iraqi Government hasn't confirmed saying anything of the sort. This wasn't slipped in and press spun while they were hunched over a prayer mat for Ramadan was it? Blissfully unaware thet they had committed themselves to a time line?

    Still, I doubt the Iraqi Government will be saying "What the woolly blouse and skirt are you banging on about"

    Though they might.

    Curiouser and curioser said the little Blonde Girl.

  11. Farmboy.I appreciate your sentiments very much and from one vet to another I say Salutations to you (although I would rather be called a vet when I'm old and greying and not while I have the ability to raise an assault rifle and ask in no uncertain terms "who goes there?")

    Be as it may be. My analogy about the guy planting an IED should not be construed as giving any quarter to our foes.When you round the corner and come face to face with Abdul al Jihadi it's not about God or country.It's about the survival of you and your squaddies.It is a very lonely and sublime moment.A moment, I must add,that does not look kindly upon hesistation.

    That said.I find it very hard to believe that the situation is improving or that the media is focusing on the negative at the expense of the good things happening over there.Building schools and rebuilding bridges would be front page news if there was peace in Iraq.Then we could all pat ourselves on the back and extol the virtues of democracy.

    But alas.It's not the case.There is very bad news coming from Iraq.This whole thing is a sordid mess.Any good news (and I'm sure there is) is insignificant compared to the overall picture.The sooner we face this grim reality, the better.

    Is there hope for Iraq? If there is I'm sorry to say I don't believe the current administration can pull it off.Nearly four years down the line they are still relying on empty slogans, giving us all false hope while people like you and me face the enemy in a war that should not have been.At least not for the reasons they told us.There from stems my anger.

    I hope to God that sooner than later, a new leadership comes along that realises publicly that griveous mistakes have been made and trying to sell a war while clothed in the clock of denial and ignorance will only lead to more deaths.On both sides.

    Should we pull out now? No.We are dug in too deep.Do I have the magic elixir?If I did I WOULD be the true president of the US and that is saying a lot.Especially for someone like me who likes to hear the sound of his own voice.
  12. Oh Chr*st.

    I'm not prescient, (Well maybe just enough ;)) but it's also getting far to easy to spot. Desperation is getting a hold. It's the Dance Band on the Titanic.

    Next on Iraq the tragic comedy...

    Iraqi Boss says , "In fact , I want a timeline from you people as to when the hell you're getting out, you're making the problem worse."

    Other future predictions - A major Middle East nation (Not Iran or the Kingdom of Hypocracy) unexpectedly steps up to the plate.
  13. PTP said

  14. Syria or Egypt , possibly both. Not absolutely certain of course, more a strange feeling.