Grim 8

Hi there folks,

Just a quick query as to if any of you are taking part in the GRIM 8 mile run in Aldershot on either the 3rd or the 4th of December.

I'm running on the Sunday and really looking forward to it as it's my first organised public run.


You would have been better posting in the Sports & Outdoors bit.
I drive around the route a lot, in various mil veh's.....have no intention bloody running it!!
Brooksy there are three of us from here doing the GRIM, talk of it can be found in these threads:

Good luck with it... and a tip for free: don't make the same mistake as some of the runners around me did by wearing road running trainers; whilst spikes aren't permitted you'll definitely need trail shoes.
Many thanks for the info there Dolly. Unfortunately there's no money in the coffers for trail running shoes; no point in whining though, hey? Hopefully my feet won't be too bad with the good old asics and i'm sure I'll be laughing too much to keep me sane throughout!

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