Griffins Focus. What did you think?

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by big_d_nuts, Jun 26, 2006.

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  1. The most meaningful event of our lifetime

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  2. A pretty good exercise

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  3. Average

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  4. Another boring exercise

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  1. Exercise Griffins Focus. A momentous occasion in my life, and i'm sure others feel the same. Made slightly better by seeing the effortless smile on the blond foreign birds face in the cookhouse every day. Rate the Exercise on my poll.
  2. You obviously had a far nicer exercise than us. In our camp, the cookhouse staff were all boot-faced hardcore criminals from the women's jail next door. :x
  3. Unfortunately, I have used a hint of sarcasm in reference to the blond bird. As good looking as she was, she was the most miserable unhappy person i have ever met.
  4. you obviously did not sample the food at "hell's kitchen" :)
  5. Can we have an extra option of something like .... worst ever 2 weeks of my life and I'm not going to do that one again. My transfer papers are already signed, just need to find a new unit.

    The highlight was the regular army women on the ex..... some eye candy for a change (well we had a few lookers but not in the density of our regular bretheren)
  6. How about a votes for:

    "I didn't go as I have a proper job"


    "I didn't go because I was too busy getting wasted watching the World Cup!" :twisted:
  7. Sod that! I'm just mesmirised by the pendulous beauties I see shimmering before me on big_d_nuts avatar! Quality!
  8. what camp was the miserable blonde at, dnuts?
  9. I'd guess it wasn't West Freugh
  10. Or the biggest waste of time of my existence... :crazy:
  11. Actually, she was at west freugh. she could be spotted rather unenthusiastically wiping down the tables in a yellow shirt at lunchtimes.
  12. you should have tried 203 Fd Hosp at the other end of the airfield. for the first time in my life, two coachloads of nurses actually DID turn up!

    despite this, people were strangely reluctant to eat there.
  13. Glad you enjoyed it G2, rumour has it you were too eager so they sent you back early

  14. I'll vote for option 2. (I am sure I should put option 1, but it's too much like fun)

  15. Absoulutely delightful 2 weeks, nothing better than being stuck in the tent whilst it lashes down, heliwockas ain't allowed to do nothing because they are not designed to get wet and still have people wondering whether they can get up in a chopper or not. :wink:

    For all those who came to see us in our lovely HQ tent to request a flight our apologies for not getting the joys of being sat in the back of our luxurious merlins. A combination of the weather and taskings meant that we were very limited in who we could actually get into the air. Everyone volunteer for QRF next time if you want to be an airborne sad cabbage.

    Out of curiosity, was there a winner for Ms Griffin Focus?. Sadly not enough totty was getting aboard to have a decent lech at.