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They have been stood on, dropped, thrown at people and buried under a load of stuff. But all my mobile phones have sat boxed until the otterbox or griffin case arrives. These things are a bit fiddly to get on and off so make sure any sim and sd cards are fitted beforehand. Once clipped together its a fit and forget. All holes and connections are still accessible.

(The gumdrop case for the nexus 7 is a little cheaper but completely encapsulates the tablet. I also comes highly recommended)

Griffin case for the iPad.
It’s not delicate looking. It effectively doubles the weight of the iPad.
It gives extra grip.a more tactile feel and it does feel solid.

The point of these things is that the screen is completely protected as is the rest of the tablet. Once you get used to the thing, you can balance mugs of coffee on the back of it. Throw it in a bag and forget about it. The great thing is the screen cover, no matter how grubby and smeared it gets can be wiped clean. I had one of these on a nexus 7 for a year. replaced it with an iPad and gave the nexus to someone else. The case is still useable if a bit careworn. The nexus 7 there isn’t a mark on it and looks as fresh as it did when it came out of the box.

I got the griffin case for the iPad (Amazon do some cut price deals) clipped it all on and forgot about it. The iPad gets to go all over the place, bag, vehicle floor wherever. Slung onto passenger seats without a second thought. If it ends upon the footwell, equally fine.

Griffin Survivor Case for iPad



I've got one. It's toddler proof and has saved the ipad 10 times at least. Great bit of kit.

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My sons iPad has one on, well worth having. Eventually some of the aperture flaps will come off if it lives a hard life. The screen protector will also get a bit rough.
Definitely worth the money, in fact I think I'll go look for one for the iPad mini I'm using now.
I have a Griffin case on this iPhone . . Has been on it since I got the phone in January 2013 . . Swear by it . . Good piece of kit IMHO . . .

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