Griffin Focus - Who knows what?

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Training_Major, Aug 13, 2008.

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  1. So what do people know about GF08?
  2. They're doing it again!!!??? :?

    T C
  3. msr

    msr LE

    Give us a clue...
  4. Will it be like GF07 ?
  5. So to answer your question then......very little!
  6. It'll be a demoralising waste of time, if it ain't I'll happily eat a slice of my own sh1t!
  7. As much as I need too, and I'm not telling on here.
  8. Command_doh

    Command_doh LE Book Reviewer

    The last one I was on was a load of horse5hite. Doing Arrcade Confusion this year. Yippee :(
  9. GF07 and GF06 were totally seperate exercises. GF06 which like GF08, was very much a one Army exercise a composite Land Forces Bde in a reconstruction op in a post conflict area. I've heard little about this one but I already sense (for RSigs) the wrong lessons were learned. Yes my most in my unit didn't enjoy it, we had a large number overloaded and another group bored - watching Arty and others practice field craft etc while they filled genies and typed messages in a very non TAC environment
  11. An extremely rare post from somebody who normally watches in the wings! I'm sure that you staffed your lessons learnt up the CoC, and that they obviously listened, as they always do! :D

    Not sure what your unit is doing, however, I do know that there are people in your Bde and in your unit that should be able to help ease your mind. Wouldn't want you scaring the Siggies with horror stories of the time you nearly took your thumb off with a nasty "Flash Message" stamp injury during Ex GF06! lol :wink:
  12. Hm. Above det level they had very to do, except moan about an db dump not arriving via email. In fact COMMCENs were controlled by the dets chucking the rule book out of the window ignoring a great deal of procedures normally practiced on 2 Sig Bde exercises.

    I've since found out we had started working in a similar manner to regulars, our mistake was to try and adopt out of date procedures to modern equipment.

    RCP/SCP had very little to do, in fact they were more of a hindrance. Asking for pointless reports and returns when the COMMCEN was rushed off its feet, (they knew the information they were asking for).

    I'd imagine points raised at Det level, were disregarded at several levels as they didn't see the exercise as we did, they were still doing old drills whilst we had adopted to modern ICS drills supporting command
  13. I have just seen the admin order for GF08 and wish I had begged to go on the Women's Auxiliary Balloon Corps instructors course instead.....
  14. Nothing can be THAT bad surely, can it??? :?
  15. forget what I just said ..... for sigs imagine a normal comms weekend you send formal messages - only this time you won't .... just sign over the laptop and job done (well it won't be that easy --- will it??).