Grieving mother speaks of loss of her son in Afghanistan

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by mintymcginty, Nov 15, 2009.

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  1. April Lockett, the mother of Michael Lockett MC, talks of her pain and grief at the loss of her "golden boy".

    In a separate piece, she also speaks out against the mis-spelled Brown letter, criticising Jacqui Janes for turning it into such a media circus, saying her own letter had similar mis-spellings and looked like a doctor's prescription and "I didn't go to the Sun". But I can't find the link.

    Brave and proud woman.
  2. As a mum of two serving sons that was really heartbreaking to read.
  3. never good to read BUT unfortunately she is not the first & she will not be the last. :( :( :( :(
  4. Thanks for posting this Minty. Very poweful piece.

    Perhaps somebody here would comment on the bit below in red. This seems somewhat different to what happens in my own experience. In particular, the "one-day course" comment.

    She said: "I was sick of my son in uniform fighting, always fighting, always on ops.

    "I wanted him buried in a shirt and jeans because I was sick of my son in uniform fighting. That's the way I knew it was Michael, because of the shirt that his daddy starched and his jeans."

    The day before the funeral last month, April listened as her son's name was read out by Gordon Brown as one of 37 soldiers who died in Afghanistan since the last sitting of parliament.

    The Prime Minister went on to announce that he was sending a further 500 men to fight in the country where her son died.

    April said: "It is a dirty filthy war we are fighting out in Afghanistan. We are never going to make a difference. The Russians tried and they had superior weapons to ours and they couldn't make a difference.

    "I would die if I had another child that was joining the army. I would talk them out of it. It is time for Gordon Brown to bring those soldiers home."

    April also criticised the way the Ministry of Defence broke the news of Michael's death.

    She said: "When they came to tell me the news, it was two men who I called the men in black.

    "They come in a black car and black suits and white shirts.

    "These men basically go on a one-day course, it's not long, and I feel as though there should be a woman there as well, for the wife, the children.

    "You knew the minute they walked in the door your son was dead. They looked like two undertakers.

    "My heart stopped, it screamed. I wanted to kill the two men that told me the news.

    RIP Sgt Michael Lockett MC
  5. I did a one day course in Edinburgh, along with the other people in our unit, so we could carry out the duties of CNO. I also got two pamphlets to remind me of what had been taught/discussed.

    Personally I don't believe enough time effort or cash is put into training people for this role. Centrally held interviewing and counselling courses may go some way to preparing for the sad day you have to do the duty for real, as would role play. When I was in the Prison Service we had to do these sort of courses every year to look after the lifers and the 6 personal inmates you had to complete reports on so I see no reason, apart from cold hard cash, why we do not have the same in place.

    Fortunately I haven't had to notify anyone yet and won't for at least another 18 months.
  6. Very moving indeed

    thanks for posting this.
  7. We all know that the UK gobment couldn't give a monkey's about dead squaddies - unless they translate into votes and/or popularity. They're not at all interested in the fact that many more folks are affected by the tragic death of one single squaddie.

    This, totally heartbreaking and seriously throat-tightening account, sums up the coldly calculating and frighteningly indifferent attitude the UK gobment has:
  8. Thats bloody awful