Grid Converter Program

Does anyone know if there is an authorized program for converting between grid formats?

I used to use aprogram called Contra which I got from someone in 1 Div Air Cell years ago this did work very well however the copy I have does not work on Windows 7.

I have looked on the Web and found a program called GEO-Trans which yet again seems to work well. However if there is a proven system I would rather try that first. I know that there are web sites you can use however I am looking for a standalone program.

Thanks for thehelp in advance.
To add to this the Geo-Trans program does what I am after however being of the web I don't know if it is tried and tested. That's why I have asked if anyone knows of a UK MOD approved program.
Lat/long to MGRS and MGRS to BNG just a general converter.

We used an open source MGRS to Lat/Long converter excel spreadsheet for official business. Have no idea if it was 'authorised' but we used it on Herrick.

Have a search on-line and find one which suits your needs. If you are using Google Earth for any work remember to save the results as a .csv and then you can simply drag an drop the file in to Google Earth and it will plot all the results automatically (including the details in other columns).

Some spreadsheets seem to be unreliable for Southern Hemisphere use, but have a dig around and you should find a good-un. Don't know if it's any use to you, but this might work (enable macros on download and have a look at the bottom row of options).


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I know some people who do geo work for a living. I'll see if they know of anything.

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