greying hair/white hair and slight wrinkles - for the ladies

While at the dentist's not too long ago, I sat next to a rather handsome bloke in the waiting room. All throughout my wait, he was on the phone talking about getting botoxed! Goodness gracious :evil: I'm sick and tired of 40-50 year old men moaning about their wrinkles and old age and while I know that botox is taking it to the extreme, complaining about greying hair has become a norm! Yes, I realise that women do it too, but it's what we do best 8) Get over it! Besides am I alone in thinking that greying or white hair and a few wrinkles here and there add a refined and dignified look? And for goodness sake, if you like staring at young women then don't pretend that you don't know what's happening when they look back at you.
what you fail to grasp on this point , is that women tend to have tucks, and injections to try and make them appeal to us blokes, aka mutton dressed as lamb. So when you get a turkey neck you too would be looking at the younger gent if your fella hasntkept himself up to your spec. Why is it ok for women to do it and blokes not? thats just blantant sexism, if its available to all, then all can have it done.
You probablly shop in mens shops for some of your clothes no doubt and that grips my shite, its a mens shop full of mens things yet you wear them, you dont see that many blokes shop in a women shop to wear womens things. its exactly like.
so stop ya moaning!!

And before you say anything i am only 32 and dont need surgery!
Sabre: Shop in men's shops for my clothes? Maybe in a couple of decades. :D What I'm saying is, men tend to pull off the grey and wrinkly look much better than women do so it's not an age when they should hide themselves but the opposite is rather true for some. Sort of like the jailbait thread of yours except it's the opposite here (no, I'm not 14! I'm 20)
well if the women want to pay to do the cosmetic suregery then let them, if a guy wants to do it then let them, so whats your beef, just coz you going to grow old and saggy and end up tucking ya breasts into to your socks when you older, its not a mans problem, its up for you to keep fit and keep your body in trim, or us blokes will look at younger models, and visa versa. If you want to believe all the crap in womans own etc... that s up to you, you people buy the crap. be thankfull what ya given and if people decide to change themselves thats up to them,

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