Greyhound Pub in town

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by Daz-Burns, Feb 14, 2005.

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  1. The greyhound is a top pub in the town and run my an ex wo2 who is the salt of the earth.
    Guys you should give it a go the atmosphere is great in there and the beer is not bad either ........

    All in all very much worth a visit i found it very friendly and food is fab
  2. Is the salt of the earth ex WO2 you by any chance :lol: :lol:

    The greyhound is a good little pub though.
  3. It has changed a hell of a lot since the new landlord got rid of the carrot cruncher brigade who used to hang out in there. The food is spot on
  4. no i never made the dizzy heights to much time spent in the little house on the corner on blandford camp when 30 sigs was there .

    L/cpl was the highest i ever got to but as those who know me know that was not for long .....hey ho there ya go
  5. The Greyhound had the worst booze selection this side of a Muslim pub crawl. Lager was like piss and the women were like men. Ahh fond memories!
  6. Isn't that the biggest problem with the entire inbred town coming from a gene pool the size of a spiders puddle of p1ss??? I mean it is in the south for christ's sake.

    Doesn't that mean it only sells Shandy tops :)
  7. The greyhound does do the best breakfast in town. Ideal in killing the unusual hangover that you only get drinking in Blandford. Dont do it on a sunday though.
  8. the unusual hangover is because most of the pubs in blandford and volts is owned by the same irish twat who probably pisses in the beer
  9. Not quite right.

    The same guy owns Tiffs, C&A and Voltz.

    Then another guy owns Nelsons, Kings and the one near the fire station.

    Greyhound owned by an individual.

    Choughs owned by the brewery.

    Not sure of the rest.
  10. Having visited my old buddy of 22 years in the last week or two, I can confirm that the new tenant (good egg) of the Greyhound and his lady have chucked out all the old riff raff, stopped all those locals who smoke a dodgy type of tobacco and vacated all those oinks who gave you a dodgy stare as you walked in. (Presumedly as I only had 5 digits on both my hands). Good egg has also gone some considerably way to clear out all the beer pipes and equipment, the result is a cracking pint of beer especially the local smooth. Back to the original vein of this thread, you might want to try it and take a group to enjoy his restaurant, you never know, you might have nothing to whinge about. :wink:
  11. Like i said i can quite heartily reccomend the breakfast. Good to see a pub in Blandford put some effort into itself rather that just expect custom because there is nowhere else to go.
  12. everyone in blandford should thank god for the pubs, imagine if blandford had none

    oh my god
  13. yeh you could go outside of blandford now that would really be thinking outside the box!! hahahaha
  14. :lol:

    Sunday Lunch is lovely and good price too. If you go in you will notice the place has been cleaned since new tennants took over and its now a nice place to sit and have a meal.
  15. Had lunch in the Greyhound today and I agree great for food. Went into T'z for the karaoke in the evening and also had a good time. No sprogs around which was a good thing just people making a good atmosphere.