Grey Squirrelsand the extermination thereof

Discussion in 'Shooting, Hunting and Fishing' started by OldSnowy, Jul 19, 2010.

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  1. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    Gents -

    Having seen this:
    First case of it's kind: Man told to pay £1,500 after being found guilty of drowning a squirrel | Mail Online

    I am concerned. I shoot squirrels, and have caught a few in a catch-them-alive trap (which I then shot, but more easily...). I 've never thought of drowning them, but would do it if I ever ran out of blunt instruments, boots, bricks, etc. - in other words, it's unlikely.

    My question to the learned masses of ARRSE shooters and outdoors types is - can I keep on killing grey squirrels, as long as I don't drown 'em? I consider them vermin that eat my fruit and veg, as well as
    upsetting more deserving wildlife. What else can I kill? Currently I cull the wood pigeon, magpie, jay, squirrel and rat populations (unable to get the bloody heron - as yet).

    Oh, and sorry it's in the Daily Hate - can't be helped.
  2. "Protected animal"?! Or do they just mean "the manner of its execution" is protected?
  3. I was under the understanding, that grey squirrels were to be treated as vermin because of the demise of the indiginous red squirrel. I am sure I read somewhere a few years back, that the killing of grey squirrels was advocated/promoted by some authority or other (can't remember which one, might be National Trust or Forestry Commission).

    It may be the method used that has incurred the fine. Having said that, my friends horse drowns them regularly, as it treats them as if they were rats!

    Edited to add:

    One of the comments on the article makes a very good point, in that once captured, it's illegal to release the grey squirrel back into the wild under the Countryside and Wildlife Act 1981, as they are a non-native species. Also, the Forestry Commission advises to stick them in a sack and wack the with a stick!
  4. I am of the understanding that grey squirrels along with signal crayfish are classed as vermin and as they are an introduced species they cannot be re-released in to the countryside once caught. It was probably more the method as to the killing of the squirrel as there is a chap in Co Durham/Northumbria who is getting paid by HM Gov to kill the bloody things. They are also rather tasty as well.
  5. Ravers

    Ravers LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    Are you the one on the left or right?

  6. There's no problem with killing them. Perfectly lawful. The prosecution was for causing "Unnecessary suffering" by drowning it. A trapped squirrel is a difficult thing to catch so that you can kill it which is why people drown them. Shooting with an air rifle to the back of the head is favourite but failing that a VERY firm blow to the back of the head will do it. I'd then recommend cutting its throat because the buggers come round after even very hard blows in my experience. Or just gut it and take it home for tea. They are very tasty.
  7. When I used to trap mink,this was the standard method of dispatching them.I certainly would not have put even a gloved hand into the trap to extract the vicious little beast.

    You'll be telling me that you can't drown kittens anymore next !!
  8. The one on thy left, the one on the right is my grandad.. no dad, hang on uncle or could be brother. Hot dang I can never remember.
  9. You told me that was your sister!
  10. I normally set them on fire before relasing them to much hilarity. Drowning is usually saved for cats, whilst wacking them on the back of the head I keep for the badgers, after the terriers have had their way with them.
  11. Shit if you're willing to pay for it, it can be whoever you want it to be.
  12. Ravers

    Ravers LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

  13. Sure you do. [​IMG]
  14. FFS, the RSPCA wants a red hot poker shoved up its collective arse! GREY squirrels are VERMIN, they have all but eradicated the native red squirrel, they predate on birds eggs & fledglings and these stupid ******* handwringers WASTE god knows how much time "investigating" this so called offense and take some poor sod to court wasting even more time, *******!
    They should concentrate on investigating real abuse on animals such as the scum who breed & keep dogs for fighting/guarding drug establishments etc, but of course that would involve them possibly being threatened by serious violence at the thugs hands, so they take the easy route & prosecute "law abiding citizens" for nonsense offences such as this! ******* gutless idiots!
    When I lived in Henley with my ex g/f, we had a garden with a few adjacent trees and our birdfeeders were regularly invaded by these rats with bushy tails, The answer, a .177 Weirauch air rifle, my 12 bore would have disturbed the neighbours :) ! The tally was over 100 in 5 years, we had one complaint in that time, from an "anthropomorphic" middle aged female teacher who worried that mrs squirrel had just raised her family in her garden, stupid cow my ex g/f soon put her straight!
  15. Hypothetical question - say if one was to whack a gray vermin with a slug-pistol, that only stunned it, and to find it coming too on reaching to pick it-up, say one was to finish it off with a good punt from a size 11 Dr Marten's, launching said gray vermin several meters to slap off a tree with multiple fatal injuries.................would that be 'unnecessary suffering'?? hypotheticaly asking that is.