Greta Thunberg......

Took the kids to Whipsnade zoo once... there's one of these things with it's cock searching for buns on the floor, then it farts... then it shits like the planet is about to explode...

"what's it doing daddy?"

"everything darling... lets go and see the Dolphins......"

Don't take your Grandkids to the bat cave at Longleat.. saves having to explain why a fruitbat is sucking it's own cock.... "for the minerals" as it happens.....
I showed my mrs this post - got to the bit about the bats licking their dicks "for the minerals"...

Mrs R2q gave me that look over the top of her glasses and said "yeah, right...whatever"...

Note: Picture used for illustrative purposes only. Tommy Lee Jones is not my wife. She is younger and has less wrinkles but does however give me a very similar look at times.
If you watch any You Tube vid's/vlogs I think they call them. There are a couple of interesting ones, a bit "tin foil hat" for my full approval but do raise some interesting points about her being used as a puppet, her heavies etc.
Have a gander.



Fake Sheikh

War Hero
A torrid first love affair, dabble with drugs, perhaps a sex video & in 3 years it will be greta who?
Apparently it's reported she shouted out the window,
"How dare you burn those tree's. The pollutants it's putting into the atmosphere are harming us!"

Little Mbongo was asked for his reaction, but he said he couldn't as he had to walk for 2 hours to collect some water.
When questioned on this he said:
"It's nothing to do with the Climate Emergency, it's just that our local Chief has taken control of the local well and we can't afford to use it!"
Careful now. She has turned 17 but that intellectual disability could see you up before the beak for kiddy fiddling anyway.
So by that level should Jeremy Corbyn be done for kiddy fiddling considering the intellectual disability of Dianne Abbott, she hasn't even achieved mongloid levels of self awareness yet


Good news, Greta Thunberg is going to be replaced,
Bad news, with this,

View attachment 449555

Greta Thunberg humiliation: Gemma Collins in bombshell claim that she's UK equivalent

"“Because something’s going on, the elements, the moon, the wind, the sun, the stars, they’re all trying to talk to me.”

Ms Collins said last week’s full moon was a possible cause of Storm Ciara - the moon having made her breasts swell like melons, she said.

Fuck me!! The mad arseclart thinks her tits are tidal!!

And hauling her carcass around the world for a series will have a much bigger carbon footprint than the skinny wench from the land of reindeer - not just from the higher fuel consumption but the amount of pie that will be converted to methane.

Meanwhile, the viewers think the BBC is being rather silly:-

And even St. Greta's dad thinks she's a fruitloop:-

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This has all the attraction of a rotting corpse, HTF can the BBC justify the expense, and what throbber thought it would be of any interest out side the narrow confines of snowflakery, and the tree hugging, kiss a polar bear fraternity? She doesn't need a platform for her questionable ( Parent prompted?) talents, she needs a length of pork sword to bring her too her senses....just a few random ideas!
kiwidoug walt
Don't take your Grandkids to the bat cave at Longleat.. saves having to explain why a fruitbat is sucking it's own cock.... "for the minerals" as it happens.....
Checks this thread is in the Naafi... ok...

Just wondering, as you do, about this fruitbat thing and what about female fruitbats... how do they get their "minerals"?

Do they have to give blowjobs to the blokes or do lesbian lady fruitbats go down on each other? Or is a certain element of "watersports" involved?

OK David Attenborough...over to you...

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