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I suppose it's wishful thinking to suggest that schools in general declare there will no longer be overseas trips or school exchange visits etc. Especially from those schools where the climate change movement is very active and kids are leaving school to 'protest' at the drop of a hat.... No more school sports teams buggering off to Italy or/Spain etc. All future exchange trips to be carried out on the mainland UK. Trips to Rhyl or Bradford for instance can be just as culturally enlightening yet only use a fraction of the carbon footprint a trip to Barcelona would leave...

Sacrifices have to be made for the Greater Good....
They could also insist on an end to the school run and clogging up the roads around schools with SUVs and the like when the little darlings can just as easily walk or get a school bus/student bus pass.
So backpacking in your gap year to Andes, Australia and New Zealand is a no no ?
Unless they plan on getting there by sailboat then yeah... these wondrous trips to the far corners of the world on a gap year should be off the cards. Can't moan and campaign against a third runway at Heathrow, skip school because you want to raise awareness over climate emergency, hold up traffic because the nasty adults are driving diesels, yet happily skip off to Oz and NZ on an Emirates Airbus.

Climate Change means warmer summers in UK... Brexit means less Eastern Europeans to pick apples and other fruit in UK.These gap year bods are quite happy to live like a slave on a farm in Oz picking fruit, howsabout they save the planet and fill the Brexit gap and instead spend the summer picking fruit in a glorious summer in UK....

What would Jesus.... Greta do?
SAadly, it appears that Book of Mormon is no longer advetised at the Hippodrobe.

I had hopped to see it when I returned back to blighhty
At the PoW booking out to May at the moment....

There's a performance on tour as well...


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Now that the Corona Virus is really starting to hit it's stride, our little environmentalists must realise their cause is Gebroken.

Think of all the carbon locked away in all of the dead and dying bodies.

The CO2 count is going to go through the roof.
It demonstrates her lack of understanding to not recognise the irony of standing in a half drowned country and state that the world is on fire!

She is clearly working from a script with no concept of the content.
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whatever happened to the "give her a good smacked arse" for interfering in grown up things and things she has no real knowledge of.
Why all the hatred towards Greta? She has inspired me, and restored by faith in the younger generation. One day I will become carbon neutral, and live the austere life of poverty that the Extinction Rebellion movement demands of us peasants.
I'd steal her virginity in the unlikely event that she still has it.
I'm sure she's still got the box it came in.
Hmm strangely enough she looks like Naomi Seibt who folks reckon the fsr right is propping up to counter Golf Tango.

Better looking as well.


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I do note that anyone who deviates from Woko Haram's orthodoxy is now deemed to be "far right".

I'd really like to see the jackbooted, knuckle-dragging skinheads that actually are of the far right show these cretins at The Indy what it actually means.