Greta Thunberg......

....gets her own TV series on BBC.

Riveting viewing I am sure.


Another reason to refuse to pay the license fee.
Will it show more of her abusing old men?


Who next? Ian Huntley? The bloke who stabbed Lee Rigby? Gerry Adams?

The BBC are so out of touch they shouldn't just lose their funding - they should be censored.

Fake Sheikh

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BBC cutting jobs one day & spending loads looking pc & saver of the planet.
The days of watching tv are going, a decent DAB radio is all I need
This has all the attraction of a rotting corpse, HTF can the BBC justify the expense, and what throbber thought it would be of any interest out side the narrow confines of snowflakery, and the tree hugging, kiss a polar bear fraternity? She doesn't need a platform for her questionable ( Parent prompted?) talents, she needs a length of pork sword to bring her too her senses....just a few random ideas!

Fake Sheikh

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Is she a virgin still as she seems to have fcuked a few countries over climax climate ways.
Linkie thing fixed. Greta Thunberg: Climate activist gets her own TV series - CBBC Newsround

"The 17-year-old has signed up to take part in the programmes which will follow her journey around the world as she campaigns against climate change, and finds out more about what can be done about it."

Shutting the feck up and feckin' staying at home would be a welcome start.

Following her as she travels the world churning out billions of tons of carbon, not to mention hot air, lecturing people who could give a fukc to change their lifestyles and stop going on their 1 hard paid for holiday a year.

I'm sure this autistic loon only exists to make irony redundant.
Is she a virgin still as she seems to have fcuked a few countries over climax climate ways.
I did wonder if she started her "school strike for climate change" because she'd been touched on her toilet parts by a creepy teacher, but then I found out that by the time her first protest was coincidentally timed with the release of the book about her written by her parents (not to mention her FB rants) and the presence of a PR guy, she hadn't been near a classroom in over a year because of her "neuro-diversity" (liberal for "broken brain")

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