Grendel and deer.

Discussion in 'Shooting, Hunting and Fishing' started by clayp1g, Jun 6, 2013.

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  1. I set off last night at 19:30 to go to my high seat. After a quick look around the land that I have permission to shoot over seeing nowt but rabbits, I quickly walked to the oak tree the seat is up against. The high seat is the only way to get a safe shot here as the land is flat being on the margins of the fens.

    After getting myself settled in I waited for the crows behind me to quieten down, they did this after 20mins or so. The rabbits where quicker as they are used to people walking along the track I had used. The farmer has a lot of young wheat at the moment and is being hammered by them, hares and the Muntjac on his land. I was after the deer last night. So I had to let them be.

    After an hour or so watching rabbits and hares feeding their bellies, I spotted a fox about 200m away coming down the track towards me and three, three quarter grown rabbits (unusually the farmer wishes that I leave the foxes), these it spooked about 75m in front of me. They ran towards my seat and stopped, sitting on their back legs in open ground looking for source of the noise that made them run.

    While I was watching the fox stalk these rabbits that voice in my head said look left (does anyone else get that?). As I slowly turned my head about 200m away a shadow left the cover of the dyke behind me. A quick look through my binos it was a Reeves Muntjac. I could not believe my luck she turned right and started down the track towards me, stopping every ten paces or so to nibble at something.

    When she got to 125m ish I slipped off the safety on the CZ. Tried to control the nerves as she turned left and broad side on (first deer with this rifle and first deer for over two years on this land). I would like to say I squeezed the shot off and down she went... Alas it was not to be, the round struck the ground between the front and rear legs and she took off into the field.

    Bugger said I, and reloaded just on the off chance she might show again. Well she did after two mins or so, 50m to my right and very skittish not stopping heading back toward the safety of the woods to my left. She was moving so fast and getting so close tracking her through the scope was nigh on impossible (yeah I forgot the scope was set on x10).

    She was following a set of tractor tracks down the field which turned left towards me. This is where I was able to pick her up again. By this time she was so close I was half crouched in the seat trying to look down on her. I gave her a quiet bark she stopped long enough to send the round on it's way she shuddered and fell. A quick reload and wait five mins. I was down the seat and checking her pupil for a touch response nothing. So a short thank you prayer to the hunting gods and I have broken my duck on this land and rifle.

    Rifle CZ527 in 6.5 Grendel
    Ammo Home load 129SST at a chronoed 2450fps
    Range 9 steps (I only have short legs as well)
    Time of day 21:45


    Blood sign


    Exit 2 the knife is 3.5 inches

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  2. Great write up.
    Sounds like you've got a pretty good property to shoot on.

    Is it hard to find farmers in your area that have rabbit or deer problems that need tending to?

    Deer shooting in Engalnd seems to be an entirely different ball game than I'm used to in New Zealand.
  3. I'm glad the little bastards are not present here, although there are some in Holland I've heard. They disturb the Roe deer too much!

    Muntjac shooting would be difficult here with them not having a fixed rut, the tree huggers get all wendy about animals being shot which may have young (even foxes), was she milky?
  4. Beetroot, Its not hard to find land with vermin problems... The hard part is finding a way in. Beating and picking up helps to find leads.

    Cernunnos, She was not milky, see was very near to full term. I will have a proper look at her teeth later to estimate her age but I don't think she is old.

    She had a problem with her feet she had "slippers" you might be able to see in the images.
  5. I thought that might be the case from the photo, sleek condition and fat. i was unsure because everything has dropped by now here.

    The slippers indicate that the ground is not very stony where she lived, almost all cloven hoofed animals have problems with "untrimmed hooves" if the ground is very soft.

    Where I shoot in Hessen and Nordrheinwestfalen it's quite stony post glacial stuff mostly, boulder clays and old scree deposits, the problems rarely arise.

    Here an animal with such malformed hooves can be shot all year round, regardless of seasonal restrictions, its a "Hegeschuss" mercy killing!
  6. Nicely written. When I get my arse in gear I have a nice spot for deer. Never shot from a chair but the local plod have suggested it even though others have shot the land without.
    You have inspired me to stick one up just for the spotting value.
  7. Nice. Congrats. Did you use the set trigger?
  8. Nicely done. Thats some exit wound!
  9. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    About ******* time! How many years have I been telling you about putting up a high seat?

    Chuffed to bits really I supplied the rifle and the folding Gambrel!
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  10. I suppose its finding people willing to let you shoot on their land is it not?

    In New Zealand a lot of farmers have been very keen to let random people on to their properties, but a lot are less keen as a lot more untrustworthy/idiots are out there now.

    Great work though.
    Keep updating everyone on your next outings.
  11. O_M, nope I used the trigger as normal

    Uggs, as you well know I have been trying to talk the farmer in to letting me put the seat up for at least 18 months, but thanks anyway.

    Beetroot, thats just about the size of it. Though there are a lot of tenant farmers around here that don't have the permission to shot themselves. As for up dates, as Uggs was hinting at I have been on this guys land many times and seen nothing. I will write more if this becomes a regular thing.
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  12. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    JWD mucker, keep it up, I suppose you are on a venison diet and MTD has plenty to chew on!
  13. High seats are very good drills and don't have to be complicated, one of my favourites is just a plank resting between two forks of an alder tree, the pigs wishing to wallow circle the old high seat warily in the dense woods, sniffing cautiously to see if there's an occupant, but they have yet to cotton on to my plank. Once your scent plume is above ground level it becomes almost "invisible" to the game, sometimes for several hundred meters and the benefits of always having ground behind your game, for safety and physical evidence of where you hit the animal, is not to be underestimated!
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  14. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    I reckon MTD shot the deer!
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  15. I don't know about MTDs wht score but the bit of bambi I gave him appears to have shot right through him. I still can't get over the size of the exit?

    Yup bambi is on the menu from the weekend though it looks like I have lost one shoulder.
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