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Discussion in 'Officers' started by chrisap, Jun 23, 2006.

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  1. Hi people,

    I'm due to have an "interview" with them soon, after i expressed interest in officer entry. I know it won't seem like a very big deal, but obviously i don't want to turn up and make a twat of myself. Naturally i have done a fair bit of research on my own, but i was just wondering if there were any serving members in here who could chime in about their experiences within the regiment etc? I think the interview will be pretty informal, getting to know why i want to join and things like that, and maybe some army knowledge too? If it goes well do i get offered a FAM visit? Does an offer of sponsorship through RMAS come much further down the line?

    Sorry to seem like a newb chaps,

    Thanks in advance for any constructive replies

  2. Anyone? :cry:
  3. I doubt the interview will be informal. Certainly don't assume that, and don't give that impression when you meet the Colonel of the Regiment.
  4. I wasn't about to make any hasty assumptions, as my original post made clear. I was only going on what i had been told in the letter i have received, anyway.
  5. ARRSE has many uses, and its a perfectly good idea to pose the question in this forum. However, don't be afraid to approach the obvious channels. As I remember the initial PoC for the Grenadiers' officer recruitment is a Capt A S, based in Wellington Barracks - his full name and contact details are on the regimental website.

    He is a quality guy and will not bite your head off. I am sure that if you were to phone and ask for 10 minutes of his time to chat about the recruitment process and life in the regiment he'd be happy to oblige.

    You'd be getting information and anecdotes from someone involved in the process, and lose no face at all. There's no secret to it, but many common misconceptions which you're more likely to hear, and possibly believe, on an anonymous website.

    Go for it - you're not going to become a great officer by shirking in the shadows!
  6. As said above don't give him that impression. Also dress accordingly. As for topics ? Perhaps a brief history of the reg, where it has deployed in recent years and why, type of kit used by the regiment, the regiments role/s within the army. Current affairs is a biggy ( remember that politics dictate where,why,when and how the army deploy to.) . Also in the interviews that i've went for (RA, REME and A&SH) i've been asked things like ; whose birthday is it today, what is 72x4= or to spell some long word like assumptions.

    Yes , check the reg website GG's, it tells you there. Also don't be affraid of phoning the recruiting officer, thats what he is there for, Also if you are TA/OTC/CADETS, ask for an attatchment. 2 weeks with the gunners explained alot more than a 3 day fam and also showed me the downsides of being an officer , which the fam ( for obvious reasons) did not. remember on the FAM , they are looking at you and you also have the opportunity to look at the enviroment that you will spend a minnimum of 4 years of your life in.

    p.m me and I will tell you how to get an attatchment sorted
  7. Thanks very much for the replies.I have spoken to the Capt, and yes he does seem like a very approachable guy. It's not that i'm afraid of chatting to these people, but sometimes i really enjoy hearing the opinions of people on this site (i've learned a hell of a lot from this place already).

    Anyway cheers for the input