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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Officer Recruiting' started by lcs90, Jun 7, 2012.

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  1. Am interested in joining above regt, wondering if anybody could give me any advice?
    I am 17, final year of sixth form, and want to join up after uni (hopefully Law at Durham)
    Socially (I know it will be highlighted for Household Division on ARRSE), I go to a standard independent day school, not too posh, my father is a hospital consultant, and I have no private income, wouldn't consider myself too posh, but my accent is often mocked for it :smile:
    Many Thanks,
  2. Advice? Don't worry about your background. Do lots of running. Look at them closely on your FAM visit. Do well at RMAS. Hopefully you will find that you fit in well when you visit, and that in your interviews they feel you would fit well with them.
  3. Ok, I'm a lazy shit.
    I just want to find out what I need as quick and as easy as I can, and if that's a crime, and pissing everyone off so much, then sorry
  4. With an attitude like that you'd be better off looking at burger flipping, officer material you are not.
  5. navigating forums is hardly like leading soldiers on patrol in Helmand, ARRSE is hardly the most important thing in my life.
  6. I was thinking about this, and I'm starting to wonder, WHY WOULD any normal person want to be in a regiment full of snobby of public school boys, if that isn't your kind of thing? I mean, let's accept for a minute that they took a normal guy on the grounds of diversity or whatever...wouldn't it be a fairly miserable existance? If the regiment in question truly is as snotty as people claim, then why would you sign up to be socially excluded? It would be like being the scholarship kid at Eton, I'm sure I read somewhere they find it very hard to fit in, because they cannot afford/ don't have experience of the kind of lifestyle that the students are used to.

    So surely the most important thing is to pick a regiment that you feel that YOU will fit into and if that's not the HCAV or the Guards then who cares? Much better to "be happy" and fit in in the RMP than struggling to keep up with lavish spending and lifestyles in the Kensington Barracks in my book. So if there is some form of 'social aparthied' then isn't it for the best for everyone?

    I was talking to a friend at uni the other week and he said something along the lines of: well no there isn't a lot of mixing between public school kids and the rest, but hi its no big deal, they're just different kind of people and that's just how it is
  7. Sorry. This fountain of wisdom is from someone who on a previous thread said "I've never been anywhere near Sandhurst".
    Can you explain how you have suddenly become an expert on the Grenadier Guards, let alone the Regimental system. Can I humbly suggest that your contribution is utterly pointless, and the typical sterio-typical class bashing rubbish!
  8. Outdated poppycock and showing ignorance on Household Division Officers, congratulations.
  9. cpunk

    cpunk LE Moderator

    Here's a strange thing: scholarship boys generally fit in quite well at Eton, which is a somewhat meritocratic institution - Boris Johnson is a good example of one such - and there are plenty of people with good social connections and plenty of cash who can't get their sons in there. The army is also meritocratic these days: if you do well enough at Sandhurst, regiments both apparently posh and apparently humble will be equally pleased to take you.

    Edited to add: And, BTW, Kensington Barracks no longer exists but when it did, it was the depot of the RMP.
  10. If you change your mind on choice of regiment I have a wealth of information on the ins and outs of the RASC. Some of it may be a bit outdated eg. I don't think you can wear timing chains inside your trews half way down the gaiters any more, I may be wrong though. And as for the Bedford RL, that holds more secrets than a Masonic lodge. Anyway, feel free to call upon my services anytime.

    Yours in transport

    Driver BIII RASC (TA) Retd