Grenadier Guards

Will the Grens have another recruit intake before Christmas at ITC Catterrick ? anyone know when please ?

I'm off to ITC Catterick on sunday mate, (2nd oct) for the Grenadier Guards.

Probably best to talk to your recruiter though buddy, that's more than likely what most of the guys on here will tell you to do.
remember this is an Army "rumour" service so my word counts for sod all.

One guy who was supposed to be on my intake for the Grenadiers was told he couldn't come with us after an injury he picked up.

As far as i know he was told that the next intake he could get on was January, but even then it all depends on scores/grades/availability ect...


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Careful C-F That's how unfounded rumours get started.....
You'll be shocked next year then.

The 3 Bn Royal Household Regiment is coming, 1st and 2nd from the Foot Guards (Grens and the incrementals) with the HCMR acting as the 3rd Bn. All 8 Foot Guards Bns are represented as are both HCR capbadges, but there will also be a coy or so of Londons to make up th enumber and give a FR20 spin to the whole deal.

A to be selected TA RAC mob will rename Horse Grenadiers Guards to make up a Part Time Sqn of HCMR. King's Tp will make a 4th Sqn but will retain the name. The Royal Yeomanry are in the frame, particularly W Sqn and the Band in Inns of Court.

The remaining 4 Regiments will rename 'Her Majesty's Foot Guards' and become a 3 Bn Regiment with a 4th Bn of TA made up of the Londons.

This is planned to coincide with 1 Royal Regiment of Scotland getting the chop. A Coy will continue as a PD coy in Edinburgh but part of the Royal Household Regiment... probably after all the other Coys, but before any Londons coys. A (Royal Scots Borderers) Coy, 2nd Bn, Royal Household Regiment. Has a nice twang to it, when does 19 Light go again?

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