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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by Spaza, Dec 8, 2009.

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  1. Does anyone know whether theyre full at the moment or undermanned? Got my selection just after xmas and was hoping it would only be a few weeks until training starts (if i pass lol) but heard some stories of people joining the rifles and having to wait 6 months or more!

    Also im really interested in the Guards Parachute Platoon, this might sound stupid, but how big is it? (a platoon) i dont know how big that is lol.

  2. A platoon consists of usually 3 sections, so about 30 men or so. Why not try for Para Reg if that's your hope anyway... plus the wait isn't as long to start CIC, it's just harder at ADSC and you have to pass a PRAC course afterwards. Research on the army website.
  3. Gren Gds are the 4th best manned inf batt at the moment (according to an inside source)

    Apparently the Scots Gds are always looking to recruit though.
  4. From what i gather The Rifles is a popular regiment so maybe it training places are filled up quickly. I took me a while to get a date confirmed, i'm going rifles.
  5. There's "forty shillings on the drum".... Good luck, The Rifles are a fine crowd with a history to be proud of.
  6. I changed my 2nd choice to grenadier guards/rifles and was told there was no vacancies in either regiment and over 2000 people are waiting to start training.
  7. I know we're are doing very well with recruitment but I couldn't comment on how long it'd take you to start training or things like that.

    If you want the Grenadiers then the wait shouldn't bother you too much, it'll be worth it. Some people still have the idea that the Household Division don't do tours and only stag on this is absolutely wrong. We're currently on our 2nd Afghan tour with the 3rd penciled in for 2012.

    I've never been Guards Para myself but here is a basic outline for you, there might be someone on here with more through up to date stuff.

    The platoon is about 30 strong and is part of 3 Para. They wear the 3 Para DZ flash and a maroon beret with the Para Reg Cap Badge on a Blue Red Blue backing. If you believe the posters that were cutting around our training wing a few years ago it's harder to get into Guards Para than in to the Para Reg.

    Simply because the Paras have 2 Battalions (not sure if you can go straight to 1 Para from training) to fill where as there are only 30 places in Guards Para and there are people from all 5 Foot Guards Regiments trying to get there.

    Choose the regiment that you want to join, not the one that gets you in the Army quickest.

    If you have anymore questions on the Grenadiers then feel free to ask.
  8. The Guards Para Platoon is getting binned within the next year or so. The top brass in the Guards are not too happy with so many of them transferring across to Para Regt. The guards are losing some of their best blokes. Also with recruiting levels being at full strength now we need the platoon for our own blokes.
  9. "Choose the Regiment you want to join" is good advice. I'll give you some more. Exercise every day before you go. Don't overdo it, but be regular and concentrate on building your stamina. Do that and it might give you the edge when you do eventually begin training - I wish I had!
  10. has that been confirmed or just a duty rumour?if so i think it'd be a real pity. not so much for the paras who will inevitably not miss it anyway, but for the guards who as much as i hate to have to admit it, recruit alot of guys with the premise that they can try for the paras any time they want.
  11. Another unit consigned to the history dustbin, never mind, back in the day (from 01.22)...........

    Guards Para's 1960's
  12. The CO mentioned it on a mess meeting around 8 months ago. Haven't heard any more about it but i'm not with 3 PARA ATM.
  13. strange tho coz when i was on my jnco cadre some of the 3para lads were of the opinion that the guards paras were "more para than the paras" in that they were keener for the airborne life than the airborne themselves.

    but anyway as for the topic, the grens are at full strength apparently but from wat iv heard people are waitin at least 6 months for a start date regardless regiment. just the way the process works. me over a year!
  14. They're a good bunch of blokes though if they were all as keen for the 'Airborne life' as you say they are then wouldn't they all transfer to Para Regt on their 2 years completion in the Guards platoon?
  15. Oh my god I'm awfully impressed "more para than the para's"
    And the meaning is?