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Discussion in 'Infantry' started by smashthings, Nov 6, 2009.

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  1. Hi I am looking for some advice, first time post so sorry if its in the wrong place.
    I have my selection interview on Tuesday and have to confirm my 3 job choices.
    I want to go infantry and I was interested in joining the Grenadier Guards
    Can anyone tell me what its like
    I know you join Nijmegen Company after basic training before going to 1st battalion.
    I am wondering if your on ceremonial duties how do you keep your infantry skills up.
    Also once you join 1st bn how much ceremonial stuff do you do, is it a lot or are is it like any other infantry regiment with the odd ceremonial duty now and again.

    Thanks steve
  2. look at their website.
  3. Hi

    i have looked at their website i was just wondering if anyone had any more information/experience that could give me some more info
  4. Spent 8 years in the First or Grenadier Regiment of Foot Guards and in those eight years deployed to Northern Ireland, Kosovo, Bosnia, Iraq and Afghanistan. Excercises in Kenya, Canada and the Falklands. Took part in the Op Fresco firemans' strikes. Trooped the Colour for Her Majesty The Queen three times. Mounted Guard Of Honours for George W Bush, Jacques Chirac (someone spat on him as he walked through the ranks) and countless foreign presidents. Personally met HM The Queen. Personally met The Colonel, HRH Duke of Edinburgh. Met Maggie Thatcher.

    I don't think any other Regiment in the British Army can offer such a wide spectrum of experiences as a Guards regiment. And if you are mega-keen, there is the Guards Parachute Platoon in 3 Para; the lads who have served in this unit are immensely proud of their Guards and Airborne heritage.

    Their is a skill fade in Nijmegen but this is soon knocked out of you in the Battalion. The Battalion is full of legendary characters such as the recently fallen Sarn't Major, Daz Chant, a man who you held a respect for because of what he had done in his career even if he put you on 4 x show parades for a spelling mistake on your paperwork when you was the Picquet Corporal. People will accuse the Guards of being a bit of a fcukaround but this sort of thing becomes darkly humourous when you have been in a bit and you just laugh amongst yourselves at it!
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  5. When you are with Nijmegen Coy you will keep your infantry skills up with regular training exercises, more than likely in the UK, but with maybe one overseas exercise as well. (comparing it with F Coy SG, so don't take my word). You will do a lot of ceremonial and public duties, this will include among others, trooping the colour, Rememberance day parade and doing guard of honours for visiting heads of state. The company will build you up in a nine or so month period to go to the battalion. Not a bad Foot Guards Regiment to join.
  6. Well put twice the man.
  7. Have to agree with all above and above all you will be joining one large family (apart from the Donkies :) ) even though we all are/were in different regiments.
    Even though we slag each other something rotten we are all Guards.

    I am sure Gren will be along shortly to put his slant on things :p
  8. cheers thanks alot,

    Guards defo going to be my first choice. Cant wait to get interview out the way and get on selection
  9. Sadly, being one of the old school, I didnt go through the new system of posting to a training company from basic.

    That said, Pirbright was the Guards Depot back then and we didnt just let any old scrote go to it for training either :)

    But all that aside, as said by others, the Guards is a family (as most infantry units tend to be), regardless of which one you choose.

    Yes, there is banter and inter Guards rivalry, mainly because the rest wish they had gone Grenadier instead of the weak chippy shite they did go, but none the less, Guards is Guards (maybe not the jocks) but you get the point.

    So even if you went a bit mad, and decided you liked sheep more than ladies, you would still be joining the best Division of the army, regardless what the chippy mobs say.

    The Guards are the way forward for any infantry man, the history, the tradition, the uniforms so smart that they have a PHD from Oxford, and the ladies all love a fully grown man, (sorry John) unlike the other chippy fecks who take small people as standard ;)

    But above all, the Grenadiers are the ultimate of the division, and as such, the rest will gob it off out of jealousy, just look down on them and laugh. :)

    So go for it mate, and be prepared to spend the best years of your life, with the best mates you will ever have, and regardless of the situations you will find yourself in, they will always be there when you need them.

    And thats the truth.
  10. OMG! That could have turned nasty and diplomatically embarrassing. Did the culprit avoid detection?
  11. One more bit of spit on Chirac..........who'd care of even notice?
  12. I can't remember exactly but there was some kind of row going on at the time and the French were being their usual sh!t weasel selfs. I think it was either 2003 or 2004. Fcuking hate the French.
  13. Concur with Gren & Twice The Man (or Twice The Mong as we called it-that was a really bone recruiting poster lol). The friends you make are for can be a total fck around at times, but when you look back you remember it fondly for some mad reason. It really is a second family. I've been out for longer than I was in now and yet still maintain strong ties with some lads still serving, some choose not to it's your choice. Totally different from the Old Bill I hear-when you leave thats pretty much it. You will find a good share of wayne anchors there...same as in any organisation. You get out what you put in...depends if you're a 'Driller or a Killer' as the saying goes. Glad I did the Red Army bit and justly proud-preferred the green role more (especially the specialised one-Recce-) though but that's my opinion.
    Ref the Guard of Honour French thing.......funny story BUT maybe not for an open forum eh?! Journo's scan this website regularly and I can see the headline now........
  14. I think they should introduce height standards again in the Guards - what do you reckon Twice the man? :D
  15. NIce to see Gren posting his usual well balanced response :twisted:

    Have to agree with him though, you have the rest of the chippies who wish they were the best but no matter how hard they try they never will be.

    BD you need some dwarfs in the Regiments, even if it is to get someone in to do the cleaning :p