Grenadier Guards or Paras

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by Lewis, Jul 19, 2007.

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  1. I am having trouble deciding,anyone got any advice that would be helpfull?
  2. Judging by your avatar picture I think deep down you already know.
  3. Do the paras insight course its a good look at what they do. I did one last year it was great even though I did ache like mother fcuker the monday after.

    The guards may do something similar as well.
  4. If you do not know which one to join let lady luck chose for you and flip a coin for which one gets you body and soul. that way there is now one to blame for giving you poor advice.
  5. Ok cheers lads i realy want to join the Paras but when i hear or see something about the Grenadiers i think that looks good,i have mates in both regs 2 who were in the Guarding the Queen program,i think i will use the Grenadiers as something to fall back on if i carnt be a Para.
  6. Whats about going Grenadiers, and once you've established yourself you can apply for Guards Para Platoon. That way you get to do your jumps, serve with 3 Para but will have done the smart Guarding the Queen bit too.
  7. Thats the part that gets me as my Dad said he would like me to go Grenadiers because he doesnt like my Grandad as he was Ex-para and used to beat the shit out of him and was a crap Father but hes allright with me! Im either being a Para or not being one no Guards Para platoon.
  8. Have you thought about the Rifles?
  9. my dad wasn't in the army at all, but he beat the shit outa me... If anything the paras/guards will help you control your anger...
  10. I was thinking of The Rifles my original 4 choices were
    2.Grenadier Guards
    3.The Rifles
    And i narrowed it down to 2.
    I no about Guards Paras but thats not for me i want to be a Para.
  11. No my Grandad hates my father because he didnt join the Paras,my Grandad was one of the Orignals in WW2,and it didnt help him controll his anger even at his age hes a ******* looney.
  12. Eh, I dont geddit? Why not Guards Para? If you are willing to do either why not give yourself the chance to do both.

    Do you really know about Guards Para? They are proper guards, proper paras. No half measures mate.

    Crow_bag - Treacle says hi
  13. I mean i want to be a Parachute regiment soldier with the Maroon and the capbadge and the wings(well whenever) or a Grenadier no in Betweens.
  14. **** it ive had a think im going for the Paras can some Admin/Mods delete this thread or lock it please.
  15. BiscuitsAB

    BiscuitsAB LE Moderator

    Yep and you can pee the off 1 para (power rangers) as the GP plt are better at what it is they do.
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