Grenadier Guards or Coldstream Guards?

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by FRjunkie, Feb 23, 2010.

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  1. I'm applying to join the Army. I am not sure which Infantry regiment to go. However My recruiter said I would make an excellent Guardsman....So I have narrowed it down to 2 The Grenadiers or the Coldstream Guards...
    I was born in Sheffield and now live Derbyshire. Can any of you enlighten me on which one to choose? Thanks
  2. Either, they are virtually the same in every aspect, role, history, recruit from all over the country, though i think the Coldtreams recruit largely from the North, or most came from that area when i was with them in Bosnia.

    Both good units, good rep's.So you won't lose out either way.

    If going inf i would opt for something like the Rifles though, but i ain't big on ceremonial shite.

    Good luck.
  3. Thought you were wanting to go armoured?

    Looking at your quote above, two things spring to mind:
    1. Was the recruiter Guards?
    2. You're a tall lad?

    Both fine Regiments Grens and Coldcream Guards. Have a read of their pages on the MOD website.
  4. Buttons you missed out :x

    Why it has to be the Scots Guards of course :lol:
  5. Coldstream Guards! Get Fell in!

    Sheffield eh? I was born there too and it was a fkn sht hole when I left. I believe it still is. You will never regret leaving!
  6. I served as corps attached to the Coldstream Guards and can honestly say one of the best units i served with.
  7. I have armoured as my first Choice, however, If they are pushing me into the 9th/12th then I will go with my 2nd (Grenadier) or 3rd Choice (Coldstream) and tell my SGT that I want to do Infantry. Im 6ft 3 so yeah I am a tall lad
  8. If they don't ask about the best, then I keep it to myself :) Can't go letting any Tom, Dick or Harry in. But the OP is 6"3, so he would be a big Right Flanker. :lol:
  9. Have you seen Guarding the queen a programme about the grenadiers, it goes into detail bout the ceremonial stuff and at the part where they are rehearsing the troop the colour one lad is told he cant take part because he is too tall 8O they like there guards to come in under 5,11''.
    Before i get corrected or brutally slated im only sayin what i saw in the programme.
  10. at your height your destined to be a Guardsman

    get yourself in mate you wont regret it! :)
  12. GRENS all the way, if you go sheepshagger, you will always be wondering what it would be like to be the actually first regt of foot guards, and also why you didnt make it as an elite.

    Go sheep, and you will forever be in a shadow, go Grens, and you will cast that shadow.

    Easy really.

    Ignore the creamers on here, they dont know any better.


    SOOOOOOO, changed your mind about cav recon then? make your mind up lad, your either going inf or cav, you cant do both, or are you just a fishing cnut?
  13. Neither,mate,why be a wooden-top when you can be a para? :D

  14. I would add at this point, despite him wanting to be so many things so far, he does seem to have a brain, so para is right out of it.

    Plus he doesnt see the point in joining a regt that doesnt do its job in action anymore :)

    No offence ;)
  15. The Guards on the other hand, have had great success using all those immaculate drill movments and foot stompy things out in Helmand, an immaculate salute to the front is known to have Terry shaking in his flip flops.