Grenadier guards, one up from Para?

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by Armed_and_dangerous, Oct 28, 2006.

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  1. After talking to a careers officer at my local AFCO, i was 'informed' that grenadier guards are 'one up from paras'. now dont get me wrong all the different sections of the army are good in there own right and do a job but is that statement justifiable?

    p.s I was under the impression that roughly 50% of people going for SAS selection come from Parachute regiment. Is that because SAS have a thing for maroon berets or is it based on sheer ability or both?

  2. Gremlin

    Gremlin LE Good Egg (charities)

    This has got to be a Wah.

    You could not have been there this long and still be THAT stupid,

    could you????

    edited to add:

    Well I suppose it does make a change from Paras v Marines
  3. One up - in what respect? Taller, more aggro quoitent, numbers, doing The Troop, tabbing long distances?
    Why did you not ask wtf he meant?
    Is it justifiable? How the hell are we to say when you have provided f/all
    Have you tried those soldiers that come in a cardboard box?
  4. They are one up in intelligence - they can use a fork to supplement their spoon - apart from if you are an all arms para, then you are normal!
  5. And your drill is immaculate, plus you destroyed Bonaparte's Imperial Guard, which is something the Parachute Regiment will never achieve.
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  6. They're just different. The Paras have their ethos based around personal discipline- the ability to train like fcuk to be as fit as a fit thing. This really helps when you are separated, behind enemy lines, working in small groups... exactly what Paras are supposed to do.

    The Guards have a much older ethos based around collective discipline. This really helps when you are working as a group, usually against the odds, in a place where others may have cut & run. This discipline also helps in modern conflicts- the Coldstream Guards took a severe beating last year in Basra outside the Jamiyat polcie station (burning warriors) but stood their ground, as that was what the mission required. The result was that the two SAS men inside came out with their lives.

    Both Guards and Paras think they are great- hence probably the comment which I presume came from a Grenadier. This can be seen by others as arrogance, and it may be, but it is all part of the bonding process. Both produce more than their fair share of SAS- Guards tend to provide more officers than ORs.

    Both Guards and Paras can perform exceptionally well on the battlefield. If you want the door well and truly kicked in, the room thoroughly brassed up, and the situation properly escalated, the Paras are probably the best option (see AFG, last few months.) If you want a more subtle approach to calm the situation down, but with directed force when required Guards are probably a better option (e.g Welsh Guards, Al Amara, 2004/5).

    That all said, there are some superb line infantry regiments who have made really good names for themselves in recent years, and my advice is to go and have a look at the different options and see which one you fancy. Most Regiments should do a 'look at life' visit.
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  7. Spot On
  8. That's a pretty conclusive conversation stopper mate.

    Nice one 8)
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  9. Guards one up from Para - what fkn planet was he from.

    Guards ain't one up from anyone in the Inf, if anything they're at the BOTTOM of the pile in my opinion.

  10. excuse me i im wrong but i thought that was the staffords outside the iraqi cop shop?
  11. Yes- it was the Staffords on fire- the troops in the baseline that they were supporting were Coldstreamers.
  12. That's what I love about this website.

    Are you actually IN the army, or are you just airsoft/ air cadets etc?
  13. Everyones regt is one up form the nexts guys, and so it should be

    I mean what sort of twat says

    "Hi I'm in the Guards, were one down below paras don't you know"

    My capbadge is the best and shinest of all and if you don't like it then suck my plumbs
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  14. heres a classic quote from a guards csm

    "you paras do the killing, and let us guards do the drilling"

  15. Very well put.