Grenadier Guards No. 2 Dress for female Sergeant in the ACF

Discussion in 'Military Clothing & Boots' started by Amy Salmons, Oct 4, 2012.

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  1. Hi all

    I am hoping someone is able to help me or at least point me in the right direction. I have recently been re-badged to Grenadier Guards, and I am trying to sort out my No. 2 Dress which is proving very hard. I am after any help anyone can give me as I do not want to get it wrong. I am in need of the correct chevrons, and the grenade bomb for above (I am hoping this is correct as this is what I have been advised) I have already got the shoulder titles. I am unsure if there are any collar dogs for the regiment. I have searched high and low for any information or kit I can obtain and it is proving very hard.

    Any help will be appreciated as I have a major parade coming up at Longmoor as well as remembrance parade


  2. We don't wear collar dogs.

    Have you tried phoning RHQ at Wellington Barracks in London? At a push the 1st Bn tailor shop or clothing store might be able to help out but I'd use them as a last resort.

    Out of curiosity do the ACF and/or women wear buff belts?
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  3. Thank you both for your speedy response.

    If you are able to pass me on the contact or where I may find the contact details it would be appreciated.

    Unfortunatley I am unsure what you mean by buff belts, I am at detachment where there are 2 female officers and myself so in this instance I would assume the answer is no, what is a buff belt out of curiosity?

    My measurements are:

    Jacket - 154/100/80
    Skirt - 154/96/82

    Hope this helps

    Thanks again guys
  4. If you search the web you'll be able to find the address for RHQ. A thing that has occurred to me is that why you haven't asked other SIs in your county who are badged Grenadier Guards where they've got their stuff from and what kit is to be worn and how.

    A buff belt is the white leather belt with brass buckle and runners that we wear when in drill or guard order.
  5. Thank you again for your help

    We have the buff belts for the scarlets, however, I am not part of the corps so do not wear them. We have them in brass and silver.

    I must admit Grenadier Guards has been the hardest regiment to me purely because they are so unique to what they wear. It is hard to explain to other adults in the ACF why we don't wear stable belts when at the detachment.
  6. Is there no one else in your county who is badged Grenadier Guards, or anyone in the local CTT?

    When you speak to someone at RHQ I would also ask them about dress regs and what you should be wearing. We wear buff belts when in 2 dress (except for marching out order), I don't know what if any differences are between our dress regs and those of the ACF and as we don't have any female Grenadiers I don't know how this would effect your orders of dress.

    If you've any more questions then feel free to ask, chances are that if I don't know then I'll know or be able to point you towards someone that does.
  7. There is only one other detachment in our county who is badged Grenadier Guards, and they know less then us. My detachment commander, Lt Spence, prides herself on being correctly dressed and knows all there is with regards to the cerimonals, but she does not and has never worn No. 2 Dress so knows very little about it. I have asked as many people as I can think of with little success.

    We do have an element of regulations to adhere to within the ACF, but we try to dress as close to the regimental regulations we are badged to as possible. So if you can advise me as much as you can it would be appreciated. All I do is adapt it in to the female dress. I hope this makes sense

    Thank you for your help
  8. It sounds like you've exhausted all available avenues, if you give someone a RHQ a ring or send an email they'll probably be able to advise you on dress regs or point you to someone who can.

    Whilst I know what's worn in what orders of dress it would be best to get direct from the horses mouth so to speak. To really confuse people get hold of the regimental customs and get your cadets to start using them (if it's appropriate for the ACF to do that sort of stuff).

    Off topic, I've never met anyone in the ACF be they cadet, SI, SSI, SMI or officer who's badged Grenadier Guards.
  9. Mr_Fingerz

    Mr_Fingerz LE Book Reviewer

    I suppose that I'm about to display my ignorance, but..... wouldn't 2s be the same as for a bloke but with skirt, tights/stockings and shoes?
  10. That's what I think, but as we don't have women in the Grenadier Guards it's not something I've come across, same for what differences there may be between Army and ACF dress regs, which is why I decided not to give (potentially) duff info and pointed the OP to the people who will know.
  11. Mr_Fingerz

    Mr_Fingerz LE Book Reviewer

    .It's how it works with the Gunners (Hat type excepted)
  12. Yeah, but gunners aren't gangsta.
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  13. There are not many, I only know of two, which are both in our county. I know of another which is Coldstream. We have a corps of drums at our detachment and have a number of cerimonals too. We have a lot of kit,and me personally I don't know an aweful lot about. This makes it difficult for me to do kit care on it, I am more military orientated.

    Do you have any recommendations or advise?
  14. As there's females in the Regimental Bands RHQ is. as crow bag says the fount of all wisdom on dress etc. be guided by them and then you won't be putting up a black! Oh and NO!!!!!!! I'm not a gobbler I'm a Mick hehehe.