grenadier guards Fads


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It’s just taken me 3 seconds to google that.

The answer is 3 buttons or 4 with the bottom one obscured by your belt. It appears some people take the bottom one off.

Aren’t you lot supposed to be the best regiment in the Army?
Hello All I just need to confirm is it 3 buttons or 4 on the Front of the Fad jacket.

What size crown is for a Colour Sgt and the other badges with it are Chevrons grenade and with cross swords

Also, what’s the measurements on the arms for the Rank to fit on.

Many thanx
Doesn’ The grand wizard, General, or whomever is in charge of your re enactment group know? Or are you one of those special types who get dressed up to pay homage to veterans and have no desire to make money off said costume?

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They had a fad for big axes and bigger busbies at one time
Grenadier cooks preparing for the first arctic warfare cadre. Meat was tough thus big cleavers, nice aprons and lovely white fluffy hats.

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