Grenadier Guards Ceremonial and Combat

I was just wondering how often would you do ceremonial duties as a grenadier guard. I have noticed that the
Nijmegen Company does a lot more than the 1st Battalion Grenadier Guards i think. Would i get to decide which one i want to join as i want to join for the ceremonial and combat roles. I dont what to join and only do combat as i the ceremonial side really interests me.
Also does it change at all if you join as an officer? do you still take post outside the queens residences?
Are the incremental Coys permanently on public duties?

I assume that people are posted in/out of them ever few years ?
Where is @ACAB when you need him? I believe that the first stop for new recruits is the Incremental Coys. How long for - don't know.

Given the current lull in operations though, there should be plenty of opportunity for ceremonial and it's attendant bullshit for the Wooden Tops. (Notwithstanding that nice Mr Trump's best efforts of course)
All new Grenadier Guardsmen serve their first 6-9 months in the Nijmegen Company, during which time you'll combine PDs with combat training. After that, you'll move to the First Battalion, who also do PDs when part of the London District every few years. Officers take part in the guard mount but generally speaking only Guardsmen and Lance Corporals stand guard outside the palaces.
On completion of training you're most likely going to be sent to an incremental company, I've only heard of lads going straight to battalion once. They're permanently on ceremonial but you'll still be sent on the occasional range package, exercise, adventure training, educational courses, etc.

The average time you'll spend in Wellington is probably a year and a half.

Officers obviously still have ceremonial duties but they wont be stagging on like the blokes do.

I believe it's 2 years on, 2 years off for battalions on ceremonial duties.

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