Grenadier Guards buff belt brasses

At risk of derision/abuse, and the ultimate degradation of this post so that it ends up in the hole, I wish to ask the following request of you.

I have tried, to no avail, to find a picture of a Grenadier Guards Warrant Officer buff belt buckle (brasses, to those in the know). Would any of you kind Gents (and Ladies, of course), either know where I can find one, or send me a picture, please. I have spent ages searching Google images etc. I wish to see the details of the brasses themselves. My last port of call would be to rock up to a 'Sarn't Major', and ask, but why risk that 'Feck off, or I'll ram this pace stick right up your arrse'?

Thanks guys, in advance,

Have you tried ebay? I'd be surprised if there wasn't one for sale on there and ebay ads usually have pictures.
Have you tried contacting the guards museum?
To answer your question the Grenadier Guards WO's unlike the other Foot Guards Regiments do not have a unique set of brasses worn by WO's, they wear the same brasses all through their career that they was issued with as a Guardsman.
Thanks for your replies. I managed to get off my fat arrse, and went to the Guards museum today. There, for all to see, was a gleaming set of WO's brasses. A sight to behold :D .

CLAP, re you post, thanks for posting, but they do have a different style of brasses. The 'GRENADIER GUARDS' and the Royal Cypher etc are made of silver, and the 'D' rings that connect the Brasses to the belt, have a leaf design cast in to them.

Thanks one and all.

All the very best,


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