grenadier guards basic training

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by michaelshane06, Jan 23, 2007.

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  1. Hi people im joining the guards was gonna join paras but i dont think my time is all that good.Anyway getting to the point my recruiting officer has said there may not be any room for me to start basic until after april but he's not to sure until i pass selection.Does any one know for certain if there isn't any room until after april?.
  2. The only to find out is to pass as your recruiter will need to bid for your place once you have passed. There are only around 12-15 places a month for Grenadier Guards. So just pass and see what date you will get, i had to wait 2 months for my basic after passing RSC. By the way the sooner the better as recruiters will be giving out we're going Afganistan and telling people they will be going if they pass-out to get them to join, that is HIGHLEY unlikely for anyone starting now or in the next few months.

  3. What reg are you in or joining.
  4. Surely there should be no problem you getting in. While I was serving the battalion has never been up to full strength with one of the worst retention rates in the army, despite them fiddling the figures, and I've been told it's even worse now.

    Don't worry, if you're fit and keen then you're a better candidate than 90% of the mongs they accepted out of desperation over the last few years.
  5. Including both of us :thumright:
  6. I serve Her Majesty in 1 Grenadier Guards!!!

    If you really want to join then go for it, i wouldn't if i could go back just over 2 years ago, but then i got bullshitted by a recruiter. My transfer won't through untill after Afganistan now, its been in 6 months and i am 8 weeks away from deploying. So when i get back its either carry it on or just do P-Coy and go Guards Para Platoon in 3 Para. There is always that option for you, don't let what i feel put you off if you really want it, go for it.
  7. whats a normal day in the guards?And also what dont you like about it?.
  8. A couple of tip for you if you go Gren.... Never get an FMT and never ever get a CAT C. Thats just a nightmare. Captain Fab still has nightmares first parading Bedfords!
    Managed to dodge one for 2 years before they pinged me, the sods.

    Never be a Platoon Signaler ethier, espeically if your Platoon Commander is a lunatic.
    Thats 2 tips for you.... if you choose to go.

    The Bullshit can be unreal at times.
    At one stage it was that bad a L/Sgt who had done 19 years and only had another 2 to push before his full pension just sacked it, he just had enough.
    I'm sure Gdsm can give you more info, don't think its changed that much since me and Captain Fab left.
  9. No, a Sgt who been in 20 years is getting out because he can't be doing with the shit. What can i say, most people want to get out, and waiting to serve there time. But you get the keen bod's who love it, you might be one of them.

    A typical day right now?
    If we're not on exercise training for Afganistan, its going out in the field for the day doing further training on Aldershot training area. PT in the mornings. We are working till quite late most nights as well, but knocked off early Friday if possible. Its very hetic and everyone is working there arse's off right now, people just getting sent on courses in a moments notice. Thats because we are 8 weeks away from going to Afganistan, its always like that before an Op Tour. And them on a Cat C course ;) have had the last 2 weekends, eveyone else has been working!!
  10. I see so you aint just on parade all the time then.
  11. There is a public duties company called Nijmegan Company which is in London that does the public duties, you get posted there after completing training. The Bn came back from Iraq last september, and are going Afganistan for 7 months in March. So no we are not always on parade, although in around 2 years we go back to public duties for a while. But even there we will get a tour of somewhere. I don't like public duties, thats why i am transfering, although might just go in Guards Para Platoon while we're at Welly B. I don't want to leave the army, and like the Infantry, even though its hard work when on Ex.
  12. i have selection on the 6th feb.My recruiter has said now that it will be march now if i pass selection but doesnt know a day.Im just being an Eega beeva but i cant wait to get in and start training.
  13. the only thing im worried about at selection is the eye test as when i went for an eye test they said i was mildly colour blind will this be an issue?.
  14. Had a mate in The Queens Company who was green colour blind, he got in, it should'nt be a problem... Unless you see in Black and White.

    Problem is if you join this lot now, by the time you've done your training and done some time at Ninja company and gone to Battalion they would most likely getting ready for the move back to Public dutys and that means only one thing... Troop!! Oh and Stag on!
  15. how long does public dutys last?.Does this mean i wont be getting my hands dirty for the time i'll be doing public dutys?