grenadier gaurds or paras ?

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by michaelshane06, Dec 16, 2006.

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  1. Hi i have done the barb test on the 15 Dec.And was wondering which is best to join Grenadier Guards or Para's. Also now i have completed the barb test could any one tell me whats next. And how long till i get into Basic training if i pull my finger out and pass medical.
  2. Well it wont be the Guards as you would never feel happy in a regiment that couldn't even spell! Can you try the alternative? :twisted:
  3. Is there a reason why you are limiting yourself just to these 2 Regiments?

    (Go for the Guards - but i'm biased....)
  4. Well they are the only two that i think i will be well suited for. Also the other option is Royal Artillery.
  5. and what's wrong with the Royal Artillery????
  6. Nothing but it's the Guards or the Para's i want to join.
  7. Why do you think you'll only be suited to the Infantry?
    Take a good look at all the other possiblilties, and think of your future after the Army....
    Try to go for a Regiment where you can get a trade.
  8. any suggestions would be great.
  9. Signals
    Int Corps
    Royal Engineers

    Just check out Army

    Basically, don't limit yourself
  10. Cheers for your help i will look these up ASAP.
  11. Go Para Reg then i can "educate" you properly :wink:
  12. Both options will allow you to be a paratrooper. Obviously if you join Para Regt you'll become a Para after training. You have the option if you join the Guards to join the Guards Platoon in 3 Para. They're a good bunch of blokes and are treated exactly the same as the rest of the Battalion and we all get the added bonus of £145.00 a month extra Para pay. For one or two jumps a year it makes sense!
  13. so it's a win win situation.
  14. dont forget one vital thing. one day you will (as we all will) leave the army. Youll need a piece of paper in your hands that says you are qualified in something. That something must mean something in civvi speak. Civi Street dont need loaders or tank drivers!!!!!!!!
  15. So will i come out of the army with good qualifications.If i go in Para's or Guards.?