Grenadier 2007 Austria

Has anyone here participated in the 'Grenadier' infantry skills competition in Austria?

It looks like my unit may get the chance to go and I'd like to know if anyone can tell me anything which isn't on the invite, or their website.

It sounds pretty good though....

The competition demands from all participants a high level of military knowledge and
proficiency as well as flexibility, teamwork and the ability to cope with pressure.
During this week of competition the participants will get considerable theoretical and
practical training. The teams will get instructions on a variety of Austrian infantry weapons
and equipment.
The exercise includes a three days march called “GLB“ with the possibility for the
participants to earn the Austrian Proficiency Badge (comparable with the US Army Expert
Infantry Badge). The “GLB“-march is executed according to the Austrian army regulations
and assembled by a board of examiners headed by the commanding officer of HQ Bn 7 –
COL MEURERS. During the march there will be stations with tests in general and infantry
specific skills such as NBC, signal-service, first aid, tactics, orientation as well as courageand
endurance tests. The march includes an alpine-march on top of Mt DOBRATSCH to
give the soldiers the possibility to archive the “Edelweiß-Badge” of the Austrian
“Gebirgsjäger” (mountain infantry).
There will also be a one day shooting and orientating competition between the
GRENADIER participants and the 7th Infantry Brigade (Abn). Last but not least the program
includes life fire exercises with assault-rifle, pistol, sniper rifle and other infantry weapons.

No-one heard of it?
Afraid not old chap, sounds good though. Can't help but think running around in the mountains could be quite hard work
My troop completed “Gebirgsjäger” (mountain infantry) in August 2005, it was brilliant mate, probably one of the best things i did in my short career. and got presented with the “Edelweiß-Badge” (which they wear on their equivalent of No.2 Dress) at the end by an Austrian Colonel. Loads and loads of rock climbingm, kleiterstagg and abseiling and finishing of with 4days of alpine tabbing with full bergan and belt kit and helmet on unfortunately, bashering up on a night time. Hard work but amazing, Austrians are easily the nicest foreign soldiers Ive come across very welcoming and big drinkers, finished it of with a bar games night and us as R.E thrashed them but thats a different story, in general the Austrian Army isn't a patch fitness wise to us, everyday we completed the legs 26km+ usually 3 or 4 hours ahead, but excellent hosts, If you wanna know anymore mate ask away.
Nice one Spitlock!

It's not certain that we're going yet, having only heard about it last night, I don't know how many of the lads are interested/can get time off work.

Another thing is that the competition is only six weeks away and we're not exactly prepared. If we're going we're going to have to train as much as possible until July.

We want to give a decent showing, rather than showing ourselves up!


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