Grenades - getting them for non-Infanteers


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Serious enquiry -

I have been trying to get hold of some grenades to let my Troops throw one each, live, on a purpose-built grenade range. Nothing tricky or 'dangerous' in this, but as most will know, it's a good sphincter-tightener for those who haven't done it before. In other words, excellent training value, and something to encourage people to turn up (TA, don'cha know).

I have been told that

a) grenades are for Infantry only, and allocated by DInf

b) it's all a bit difficult.....

Can anyone point me in the direction of someone sensible I can talk to about this? I cannot believe that there aren't a few hundred in a shed, somewhere

Sensible ideas - please PM me if you wish.
Furhter to the point, any more on blank grenades, I was told in Jan. there use had been suspended because some poor recruit took his figners off with one, as the safety failed and it detonated as soon as pin pulled apparently? Just wondering because w ehave abig fibua ex in Sept. and wouldnt mind having a go at it proper with blank grens.
I found the use of a grenade quite an anticlimax.

1. Stand behind sandbagged wall.

2. Metal figure 11 target other side of wall indicated as the "victim"

3. Instructed in pin-pulling, throwing and ducking technique. Told not to drop it or else.

4. Pull pin and throw grenade as per instruction. Duck.

5. Muffled "crump". Light shower of gravel on helmet.

6. Look over wall. Target still there and nothing much different - no smoking hole. Aww! :?

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