Grenade. No probs, its in the post


A WAR memorabilia collector was criticised by police yesterday for sending two hand-grenades through the post - days after the recent terrorism alerts.

The shocking discovery was made by employees at the Royal Mail processing centre in Sighthill, Edinburgh, where they were screening mail bound for the airport.

The grenades were contained in two padded envelopes and showed up on X-ray equipment.

Army bomb squad experts checked the grenades and found that they contained no explosives.

They were dispatched by a collector of war memorabilia after putting some up his collection up for sale on the eBay internet auction site.

Police tracked down the man and discovered he had sent four grenades through the post in total.

Lothian and Borders Police said: "While the gentleman concerned was unaware this would cause any problems, the discovery of two grenades was clearly a matter of extreme concern for Royal Mail staff and police.

"In the current climate, people should be mindful of what they are sending through the post, and exercise some commonsense."

The scare, on Tuesday, follows a similar incident in February at the same depot, after an inactive grenade and mortar were sent through the post.

A Royal Mail spokeswoman said: "If travelling by air, items will be subject to enhanced security checks. Once discovered, they will be intercepted and may be destroyed."



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